MESSAGE FROM M : Time to rise – Stand MA stand … The Sparks move up the tree


Blue Christmas Tree Abstract Christmas Illustration. Glowing Light Rays Christmas Tree.



Blue Christmas  Tree

Glowing Light Rays


Back to the W
Two v signs is a W

Actually three Vs
Today is
Crashing the box
Opening the box
It has to be done
Time to rise
Stand MA stand
The boxes of gifts
The CC is about Christmas
The Christmas tree is an upside down V
I was under it
MA was in the boxes
Open the boxes
MA was imprisoned in the boxes
For MA to stand with CHRIST
The Green man Tree of Life
For me to stand with CHRIST
To adorn like The lights on the tree
The gifts had to be opened
The Sparks move up the tree
The V is the CC
Like the tree
Sparks can’t light up the tree
Until they are free
We opened the boxes with keys
This is the last gate opened
The last gift
The blue swirling
The lights flying around in vortices like a tree
Like a string of lights on a tree
All connected we are
But each light individual
Each light important
Without the other
We go dark
We must connect
We have to be connected to shine