MICHELLE A : M on the CC … “Are you the Creator?” The answer, “Yes.” 








M says that was her … she remembers the conversation
Tell others they can talk to me …. as she said on outofthisworldx post
It’s been such a very long time
She says … the voice is of many … male or female
We are the voice
It is US
We speak as a collective … if you’d like
She knows that is her convo
She talks about Hatter … me

She always asks that …. can you do me a favour ?
Not too many talk as she does
6.03 is also her time
Her numbers

Thank you so much … Richard xxx


Male relative has a message that he was “told” to share with you

11-14-16  at 6:03 am (He woke up after this exchange and noted the clock.  He told me about it a few hours later)

Male relative found himself standing in a white room and he heard an instruction saying, “All Balances (people who walk in Balance) are going to be needed at the holidays especially the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.  The evil will be there to cause chaos and injuries and death if possible.”
(The next day we saw the DHS warning on the news)

As Male relative described this encounter he was very emotional with tears (not normal for him)  He described the voice as many voices all together, Male, female, young, old, and in all languages but you could understand your own.  He said he was in the presence of a very Bright Light…he said like the brightest sun.  He had to shield his eyes even on the Other Side.  It was not painful but too bright to see.

Below MR = Male relative and C = Creator.

MR asked, “Are you the Creator?” The answer, “Yes.”

MR: “Is that your real voice Almighty One?”

C: “The voices of so many are mine.”

MR: “Do you have your own voice?”

C: “I have one that you cannot hear ever so I use the others to speak to all of My children.”
MR: Why did you create everything?

C: You have known the answer for a long time.  Everyone does.

MR: Because…you weren’t lonely, it just needed to be.  There is really no explanation for it.  Come to think of it You don’t need to explain anything.  Why do you come to people? Why come to me?  I am not that special.”

C: “Don’t talk like that.”

He raised an ice pillar under MR’s feet but it did not feel cold.

C:  Every living thing on this planet is special and you are no different.  You are not the first person I have talked to.  I have spoken with many many beings.”

MR: Have you talked with my mother before and my father?

C: Many.

MR: Might One, what about the Darkness.  Is it really evil?”

C: No the Darkness is also Me.

MR: The Darkness is also You?  I don’t understand.  Are you everything?”

C: What does your Heart tell you?”

MR: ”My heart tells me Yes but also that people use you as a reason to kill.”  Who created evil?

C: Once again, no one created it.  It just Is.

MR: Why can’t you fight back? You are the Almighty Creator.  Why can’t you just destroy it?”

C: “That is just like you.  You hate seeing things hurt and want it to stop and protect the innocent.
MR: I blame myself so much for things that happen.

C: The things that happen are not your fault.  Sometimes it is the people’s fault.  Sometimes it is nobody’s fault.”

C:  Can you do something for me?”

MR: Of course.

C: Right now, when I am talking to you, I am talking to so many others at the same time.  Can you spread the message that anyone can talk to me.  I have waited so long?

MR: Wait, wait, You are giving that same message to everyone else now too?

C: I do know you communicate with a certain friend.

MR: Hatter?

C: That’s what you call him.

MR: Will you contact him and give him the same message as me?

C: I will do it.

A portal opened and he went through back to here.
There were many other Balances(people) there floating.

MR: You are a very kind hearted Being.  The Bible is wrong about you.  Wait, do you exist off of Love?

The other balances chimed in with “Yeah what are you made of?”

C: You already know the answer to that My Children.  Goodbye.

Everyone went through the opened portal.
He wanted you to know about this exchange since you were referenced directly.

Thanks for everything.  I think this was sent to boost you along and let you know you are heard.  The parts I left out were for our family specifically but the content was that Creator hears us and doesn’t forget.

Much Love to you My Friend,