ASPENTREE : What if all the illusion just collapsed in a huge spasm of laughter?





Once Wormwood arrives

It will be fatal to them

They call it wormwood because wormwood (artemisia) among other things is an internal parasite cleanser.

Artemisia absinthe tincture is illegal in most countries as an alcoholic liqueur due to it’s psychotropic qualities.

My opinion, having researched the pineal, allzheimers,and parasites, is that removing parasites is the first step to enlightenment.

They may even contain demonic entities or be a remote connection to such as I understand that “family”-owned distilleries do invocations to each new batch before it is bottled and sold.

You’ve heard of demon rum have you not? Alcohol is sugar which is food for a host of non-beneficial organisms which produce a sticky plaque that adheres to any surface it can grab onto including in your brain.

Do some research, they wouldn’t let me post a link to the wiki-pedia article which is an excellent starting point.

Once this plaque is removed (certain red wines or pure organic concord grape juice can help, brush your teeth with it but don’t swallow. rinse your mouth, swish for about a minute or so, spit, then drink the rest.

Anyway, the panic in the panties of the elite is that once wormwood arrives it will be fatal to them. It will kill all our internal parasites and release the plaque in our brains that is covering our pineal.

Let’s talk helium, isn’t that the laughing gas?

What if all the illusion just collapsed in a huge spasm of laughter?