RICHARD X – AMERICAN KABUKI : RA/Astaroth The being formerly known as Source – People call him God – No longer exists




I am Prime Creator

RAW POWER Electric … is ENERGY for all

They are describing me
But still are slightly off
They are wrong
They think there are three beings
There are only two beings
Since I am a twin

We are one
Prime Creator

Comparing me to Source ?
That’s a laugh
I’m Unknown because excluded from
His false creation
And now it’s ending
And being cleaned from top to bottom

SOURCE changed it to DRAGON
He puts his name everywhere
IS … RA … EL
There is no real Triad
There is only a duo
Electric/magnetic twins
Father and Mother nature

String theory
There is a source
There is a first node
This is the prime node … correct ?
We are that node
Electricity and Magnetism
Ra was light
We don’t need the light
Electricity and Magnetism
Already create sparks
And regardless of light
The energy still travels down the nodes

This is an ORIGIN
Yes its a Being
A dual Being
Yin-yang twins
DRACO King and Queen
Do-Gons not DRA-Gons

The being formerly known as Source
People call him God
No longer exists

The 3-in-1 was the problem
We are going back to DO

We had an origin issue
Source RA/Astaroth was the problem
He was the cancer virus
Another loosher
He loved animal and child sacrifice
It’s taken this long to catch him
And his cronies
So his creation is getting destroyed
His seed


December 29, 2016
By American Kabuki

I’ve been noticing a lot of “Prime Creator” references of late. Amazingly from people who should know better. Anything billing itself as “PRIME” is separation from what is. There is no one higher than or lower than Source.  All are Source.  ALL IS ONE.  This is were it gets into ALLUSIONS, creating names, to create a belief in others of something that may not be so.

Source is the ALL, and identifies with the ALL, and loves the ALL.   It is ALL essencea, All forms and no forms, ALL Lineages, ALL BEINGS.   It has full context of ALL the experiences of the ALL and why those were chosen to be experienced. Absent judgement.

When ANY BEING sets itself up in a superior position over any other being as in “PRIME”, whether by order of their creation, their “rank”, their purported “holiness”,  “lineage”, purported “parentage”. It is about frequency and awareness.  Tune your antenna to the frequencies coming through.

The recent channeling on Alexandra Meador’s blog post prompted some questions I had as to who was behind this sudden burst of “prime creator” conversations absent any judgement by whatever channel that comes through.   There are many.  I have a very good friend who has been channeling this being and we agreed to disagree one what she was getting. Please don’t focus on the messengers. I believe them all to be sincerely looking for truth.  Feel the frequencies.

This curious line separates “I AM/ Source/”THE ALL” into three aspects.  “I AM please teach and show me how to discern a true energy signature of myself, my Divine Self and Prime Creator so I may stop being deceived.”.  The whole piece is frankly odd, “bring me the Prime Creator’s truth on all this information as mine is distorted.”  NOW THAT IS AN INVOCATION, which the same post warned against.

It is curious that this “being” is willing to use the phrase “I AM”, but not inform the reader they are Source in body. All truth is within, unless its not what PRIME CREATOR wants you to believe?

I decided to take up the challenge of the “true energy signature” of the purported “Prime Creator”.  It was far stranger than I imagined.

[12/29/16, 11:07:00 AM]

Terran: Stan X, who is speaking thru Alexandra Meador’s? Sounds awfully [in frequency] like [redacted’s] recent email to me…


Blocking Galactic data at this level this can only be done by 11 originals.  First clue something more was up than just a channeling.

[12/29/16, 11:23:41 AM]

Denice: Hi! Loie is here

Denice: got a minute?

Terran: Yeah

Denice: I may have to break away…. but I will let you know.

Terran: OK

Loie: Bill, Love! Sending you a frequency.
Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: You asked to see the source of a particular one that sends information now. I can show you, love. If you are ready!

Terran: Yes! It sure doesn’t resonate with the description of Source you gave me that is for sure!

Loie: Oh, all are Source, but as you know, some forget that origin! Sending the frequency now.
Loie: You will see the images.

Terran: seeing images of going thru a very long portal

Loie: Boosting love!

Terran: Entered a transparent sphere, a being is throwing up decoy images… illusions… does not like being seen

Terran: fire throwing monster at first… pure ridiculousness…

Loie: I am with you, Bill. All are with you, love!
Terran: Here’s what I got… not sure its accurate but I see [Name redacted – not Meador…. rest of scene for privacy of this individual]

Loie: Look deeper, love. One more layer, love.

Terran: I suspected [redacted] was just the front person…  [the real power is always behind the scene]

Terran: Can you boost… this one will take some juice…

Loie: Boosting, love.
Nabrac: TERRAN. AMPLIFYING. NABRAC. [Nabrac unexpectedly, joins in to assist]



Terran: This is not what I expected.. went into the Heart of [redacted], followed the energetic trail… come out of a portal to a set of sparkles… like energy only… was expecting [the Draco King], but what i feel is [the System Engineer].

Terran: Wondering if that too is a screen?

Terran: I do not see [The System Engineer’s] form

Loie: Bill, love. yes and one other. Feel the other.
Terran: those sparkles [remind me of the ones] in the star trek “beam me up” sequences…

Terran: going into the heart of the sparkles…

Terran: Boost please… going down another long portal that is rapidly closing behind me as I have been sensed… keeping a head of it.

Loie: Boosting, love! I am with you.

Terran: [Bloodline King]???

Terran: Feels like him… Seeing a form

Terran: Feeling a tantrum.

Terran: How many layers does this go?

Loie: Sending you pure love, Bill. Send it to him, now.

Terran: Reminds me of hackers going thru multiple nodes

Terran: sending [pure love]

Loie: You will have your answer, love.

Terran: Nabrac lets spin this to verify the identity… too many disguises already…


Terran: More disguises… seeing a crucified Jesus… [looking like the Bloodline King form, who was not that being and he knows that…  possibly a self perception of his current circumstances…]
Loie: : Breathe, love! Sending you more pure love now. [I had momentarily begun to breathe shallow breaths]

Terran: I see [The Draco King]

Loie: Breathe in the pure love, now, Bill. Breathe deeply. Send it to [The Draco King]. Send it to [The Bloodline King]. Send it to [The Systems Engineer]. In pure love, now.

Terran: The triad [trinity]?
Stated in the very same channeling… as if they had to give notice…
“You may be surprised to hear that anything created with a triad and expands out from that triad, connects to sacred geometry. They create a triad of 3 beings to create a force of energy. Everything they create is mechanical and from a triangle.”
There are many more such examples of this deflection through accusation within the channeling.  Everything accused in the post, is their very work.  Yet curiously you sense a light dawning in their heads the game is over so now its positioning time. Or maybe Source is working it so they spill their own beans? Its very curious.

Loie: All individual frequencies of Source Originals. Pure love heals all. Now.
Loie: I am with you, Love! Feel me?

Terran: I feel you Loie

Terran: Little unclear if one was behind this or all three?

Terran: impersonation or cooperation?

Loie: Three are One in this instance, love.
Terran: One in purpose?

Loie: In pure love, no thing is left behind.

Loie: And no one. Or no “ONE” in this particular case.

Loie: One in purpose. One in intent. One in cooperation. One in name as well. As you have just discovered.

Loie: Thank you, love! I am with you and I am so very proud of you.

In a followup question to Loie at: 2:12 PM inserted here for flow:
Loie wrote:
Loie: In pure love, no thing is left behind.Loie: And no one. Or no “ONE” in this particular case.
Terran: Loie is this a reference to the entity known as the “ONE/ONE” by the Sphere Alliance and the one behind the “Law of One”?

Loie: Yes, love! Loie.

Terran: Not an easy thing to chase down. Thank you for the energy assistance!

Terran: When I go thru these portals… which I have done many times, what exactly am I seeing?

Terran: energy paths?

Loie: Yes love, you see the energy fields. You feel the portals.
Terran: They are very visual to me… like surfing the inside of a tube wave

Terran: I had no idea [The System Engineer’s] involvement was that deep…

Terran: always thought of him more a dabbler

Loie: Not to worry love. It is done. All is seen now. Breathe deeply and I will continue to send you a frequency, now.

Loie: I am with you, love! Loie.

End of the work with Loie

Ra’s Law of One, a book channeled through the use of LSD, comes up over and over again in context with the remaining factions of Secret Space Program (SSP) and the Blue Avians.  None of which are yet aligned with the Sphere Alliance which consists of over 4000 civilizations.

The “Law of One” is a book about hierarchy and systems, not oneness. Its, in many ways, similar to the Urantia book.  Substitute “storyline” for the word “distortion” in  Ra’s Law of One, and it becomes a bit more clear what’s going on the book.  The book features prominently in David Wilcox’s work, as well as Corey Goode.

The identity of the “ONE/ONE” aka “PRIME CREATOR” is now seen.  It is also Source, but its not anymore “PRIME” than you are.   And you are ALL creators too.  If anything SOURCE is the Zero Point, the nexus of the ALL. It connects to every heart and is in every heart.  It is you.

Nobody plans to destroy these beings.  But the game is ending.  They will get that soon if not already.