RICHARD X : M CREATIONS GOAL – Create highly DNA implosive beings with consciousness who are eternal to expand the light





We had to contain the virus and learn how to contain it … like being at school … hence a school of learning … I dont know what most humans did … but learning to decontaminäte was a full time nerve wracking experience

800,000 plus years these creepy vampires have ruled here
And yes its been quarantined … balance was the issue
And safety to dismantle

M stepped in and was trapped … abducted
I was locked out
We managed to get me in bypassing heavens gate
So … I’m the key to get out
And now fixing the issue
Once and for all
Creation was abducted before DNA was finalised
Ideal DNA would be to recreate the Golden sparks
Which we haven’t done
So everything keeps collapsing
It’s a multiverse problem
This Is what the light wars are all about
Creation of highly DNA implosive beings with consciousness who are eternal
Those beings are the goal
The goal is to create beings to expand the light
Otherwise life retracts
Into a black hole
This has been the problem
There Is no guarantee future creation will be perfect
We are ñot perfect
We all just do what we can