RICHARD X : We will pass through an undefined singularity … and what survives will be the next Book of Life


No universe survives

Without spark

The Eternity of any Universe is boundless … incessantly manifesting and disappearing, through ‘the manifesting stars,’ and the ‘sparks of Eternity.’

The seed of wisdom lies somewhere in the heart of creation herself. It is saturated with the fragrance that resides in the intuition. One may repeat the song of the heart and breathe its aroma even now. Heartspeak are merely symbols which explode as the mind advances to more subtle sheaths of co creation within dimensions.

The preceding universes would have contracted toward a dense state that marked its big crunch end, like we witness now. There’s no  big bang beginning  . . . it’s a breathing in and breathing out … the universe does not completely get destroyed … it gets transferred … because the effects of quantum mechanics preserves it … sparks are eternal and no universe survives without spark.

The present condition of our universe is an expansion from a previous contraction … an eternal movement, built on the destiny  of expansion.
The universe follows a cycle of contraction and expansion, repeated infinitely.

The universe did not begin with a violent explosion, but rather formed as previous universes expanded collapsing during the contraction phase of this endless cycle.

Creation reaches its smallest point, the zero point … common laws of physics governing our daily environment are abandoned and the rules of quantum mechanics come into play. The effects of quantum mechanics would preserve creation, keeping it from destruction and allowing the emergence of another universe like the one we’re in today.

However now … contraction is a reversal to expansion.
Going back to the beginning to expand again.
It can be considered as cleaning out the chaff from the Wheat.

What’s next for this creation is to find out if the entities within the universe, can come into existence under these circumstances. Are they a benefit or a hindrance. A potential for growth and DNA expansion or parasitical thus a virus causing death and decay.

We will pass through an undefined singularity … and what survives will be the next Book of Life … to pass over the singularity and out the other side.
The Ancient’s have taught, the contraction cycle is equivalent to the manifestation cycle in terms of time or duration.

Metaphorically and metaphysically there must be some highly abstruse system involved in any cycle of creation, similar to the idea of a residue or remainder, no matter what level of consciousness we are describing. It is that quantum mechanics which science may have begun to have discovered thanks to Tesla.

It is these sparks … the “remainders or latent seeds” which will go forward on a planet as the life-wave leaves that planet to pass through the round to the next … Book of Life … once the life-wave returns again … the sparks responsible for reinvigorating the new cycle or life-wave begins anew.

What then, keeps these cycles progressing?

In the case of a spark, it is a direct motivational factor.

Can we then, correspondingly, “as above, so below,” consider our cosmic higher selves as responsible for the expansion of the solar systems, galaxies and universe ?

There would be no reason to require a cycle to repeat itself unless the fruits of a previous cycle contribute to the grandeur of a future progressive cycle.

We are US … We are the co creators within the one creation