Having pervaded the entire universe with the fractal fragments of Myself, I remain … Electric and Magnetic … NATURE’S twins

The Cosmic Fire is the fiery energy of creation …

to be understood during this second solar system …

NEW EARTH … 5D to 8D.

Christ Conscious CC … The One Life manifests through all form within the NEW EARTH  as fiery energy, Electric Fire of mind, and the Internal Magnetic Vortex Fires of the Heart … New Book of Life … written by all.

The evolution of Consciousness is the story of creation

The Cosmic Fire operates through the Primordial system OM origin and the nature of creation herself. We are eternal spark travelling … the light of … as distinct from the life and the consciousness of the planet NEW EARTH.

Individual consciousness through the CC is such that theories become transcended and the mind finally understands through contemplative thought what the words on paper used to reveal to the intelligence, as was experienced on old Earth consciousness.

Reading between the lines .. the Golden Thread.

The finite mind can touch its cosmic origins OM through the CC and its fiery essence when it opens to Synthesis and Attraction … love within.

The fire of love, the flame of life within the heart, is the touchstone for all intuitive thought and the driving forward of DNA conscious evolution that is totally free to explore the vastness of possibilities and potential within creation herself … infinite.