If thy smiles while smothered in the Sunlight of thy Life
If thy sings within the sparkling trinkets of matter
If thy weeps inside the castle of illusion
If thy struggles not to break the thread that binds to matter

Know, thy is stuck to matter.

When to the World’s turmoil thy budding …
Lends an ear …
When to the roaring voice of the great illusion thy responds
When recoiling at the sight of the tortured images of pain …
When deafened by the cries of distress …
Thy withdraws like the sly ones within the layers of SELFHOOD
Learn … In this abode thy is in an unworthy shrine.

When flying strong, thy glides forth from this secure retreat
Breaking loose from the protecting shrine …
Extends the wings and rushes ever onward …
When beholding the image on the waves of Space you still say, “This is I,”

But I declare, that thy is still caught in the webs of delusion

This Earth construct dwells in the Hall of Sorrow, wherein are set along the way … dire probations, traps to ensnare thy by the delusions of division

This earth, O, is but the dismal entrance leading to the twilight that precedes the valley of true light — that light which no wind can extinguish, that light which burns without a wick or fuel.

And harms thee not yet burns.

Sayeth the … thou can repose between the wings of the GREAT FLYER.

Aye, sweet is rest between the wings of that which is not born, nor dies, but is the OM throughout eternal ages.


Bestride the Flyer of Life, if thou would’st know

Give up thy false life, if thou would’st live

Three gates in my mansion lead to the end of toils.

Three gates will bring thee through three states

Into the fourth and thence into the seventh world.

OM SWEET OM … The world of Rest Eternal.

If thou would’st learn their names, then hearken, and remember.

The name of the first gate is IGNORANCE

It is the gate in which thou saw’st the light, in which thou livest and shalt die

The name the second gate is the gate of LEARNING.

In it thy will find the blossoms of life, but under every flower a serpent coiled

The name of the third gate is WISDOM …

Beyond which stretch the flowering fields of my gardens

The indestructible Fount of the Omni present blueprint of life

If thou would’st cross the first gate safely, let not thy mind mistake the dim light of false constructs that burn therein.

If thou would’st cross the second safely, stop not the fragrance of its stupefying blossoms to inhale.

If MOVING ON … thou would’st be free from the chains that bind, seeking not for anyone in those constructed regions … but watch … observe

Tarry not in pleasure-grounds of senses.

Fly from the gate of Learning … MOVE ON.

This gate is dangerous in its perfidious … it is needed but for thy probation.

Beware, lest dazzled by illusive radiance thy should linger and be caught in its deceptive light.

This light shines from the jewel of the Great Ensnarer.

The senses it bewitches, blinds the mind, and leaves the unwary an abandoned wreck.

The moth attracted to the dazzling flame of thy night-lamp is doomed to perish in the viscid oil.

The unwary that fails to grapple with the mocking demon of illusion

Will return to earth the slave once again.

Behold the Hosts of BE.ings.

Watch how they hover o’er the stormy sea of human life, and how exhausted, bleeding, broken-winged, they drop one after another on the swelling waves.

Tossed by the fierce winds, chased by the gale, they drift into the eddies and disappear within the first great vortex.

If through the Gate of Wisdom, thou would’st reach the Vale of Bliss, close fast thy senses against the great dire heresy of separateness that weans thee from the rest.

Let not thy “spark – born,” be merged in the sea of illusions … MOVE ON

Let thy fiery power retire into the inmost chamber, the chamber of the Heart and the abode of the World’s Mother

Then from the heart that Power shall rise into the sixth, the middle region, the place between thine eyes, when it becomes the breath of the, the voice which filleth all … thy silent voice.

Become a “Walker of the Sky”
Become the ”Flyer of the OM”

Tread the winds above the waves, whose step touches not the waters.

Before thou set’st thy foot before the gate’s presence

The gates of the seven sounds of OM

Thou hast to hear the silent voice within

Thy inner has seven ways.