RICHARD X : DNA AND THE INTELLIGENT ENERGY OF OM … “computer” programming … the intelligent energy is the code (KEY)




DNA and the

Intelligent Energy of OM



Zero Point Energy / Prana / Chi Energy/ Intelligent Energy / Life Force/ Orgone /Scalar Energy/“Dark” Energy or “Dark Matter” OM

These are one and the same.
This intelligent energy contains the code for the atomic structure of all matter in the material world.

That is why they say “be careful what you think.”

Energy follows thought, it is a scientific fact observed in labs.

Distorted, incoherent energy patterns that are stuck as thought patterns can temporarily interrupt or cancel natural energy fields, hindering and masking off the original “program” of the molecules before the distorted energy fields disrupted the pattern

DNA is perceived to be a radio antennae for the Information contained in this “Intelligent Energy” and the DNA is the “computer” program and the intelligent energy is the code.

OM … is the WORD and phrases
Creating Matter’s Form and Structure.

The intelligent energy of OM creates sound vibrations, and this creates the vibrating cymatic waveforms that form the repeating complex Geometric patterns of the Fractals in nature that are governed by the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence.

Fractals are responsible for the growth pattern of the cauliflower and the precision of the design.

“Sacred Geometry” Is pictures of energy vibrations.

The patterns of the wave forms created by different frequencies of the scalar waves and how they determine patterns (Fractals) of physical matter can be witnessed in the cymatics and how these frequencies form the complex geometric patterns in sacred geometry of natural objects and structures.