When steering your starship – the navigator – ’time lord’ – knows that the slightest change in the center of gravity – means a major change in course direction.

That center of gravity with the most responsive delicacy to properly STEER – is ultimately something ONLY biology can do.

Your heart’s EKG are fabricating voltage from gravity at the moment of implosion / bliss.

This perfected compression is identical with the gravity making attractive electrical suction we call COMPASSION.

We the children can be the greatest reward – if we show the fire – the way back into stars.

We must stay in the center – we must not react … only act.

Steer the wind of magnetism into the PHIre of time.

Charge thru light speed vortexing into time’s ’SPIRAL CALENDAR’.

Time lords only inhabit fractals in time – the only fabric where synchronicity is born.

The heart of the soul sun – and hydrogen is the heart of the matter: the musical recipe for fusion.

This PHI based harmonic recipe informs us when we have found a shareable wave in our heart.

Pure intention is an idea in physics whose TIME has come: compression perfected is the only place where all paths and errands meet – and only the shareable survive.

The PHI Golden cascade – is only consciously STEERable if the heart can shape the rocket nozzle around the thrust source.

This conscious control of the heart’s power is evidence that awareness can reach into that shaping of the heart’s resonance as a ringing bell shaped in an electrical sacred cave.

This is called COHERENCE EMOTION – and emotional intelligence.

The SHAPE of your heart can become the STAR NAVIGATOR.

This is why the PERICARDIUM became the SHAPE of the HAT OF OSIRIS.

Your auric bubble / charge cocoon coherence / KA (boat to the inner world) – is shaped from your heart steering the charge above your crown.

Conscious control of our pericardium – HAT of OSIRIS.