WHEN … the Dragon Queen wakes up then the prison cell that humanity is locked in will altogether disappear (CROWN CHAKRA OF BLISS)






The same gods that Tiamat (Isis) gave birth to are the very ones who went to war with her and cut her to pieces like Osiris was cut up.

Their dismembered body parts were used to form planet Earth which is now a holding cell, or a matrix, for “fallen humanity.”

Humanity’s prison cell is made up of the body parts of a once vibrant, but now lifeless, goddess.

Naturally, this implies that when the Dragon Queen wakes up then the prison cell that humanity is locked in will altogether disappear.

Myths have more truth in them than the most meticulously chronicled histories ever will.

History is man’s account of his past.

Mythology is her mystery behind the soul’s odyssey through time and space.






Eve and the biblical serpent are one and the same.

That’s why she is the only one who actually sees, and speaks with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The name “Eve” is an Anglicized version of the Hebrew name “Havva” which means “The Living One.”

Kundalini—the living feminine energy that is the life force of every human being—means “serpentine fire” in Sanskrit.

Eve the serpent is symbolic of the spiritual energy within man that compels him to depart from the ignorance of paradise to pursue the path of wisdom which only comes from experience (to rise to the Crown Chakra).

The apple eaten by Adam—who is actually another aspect of Eve, the spirit, in its degenerative physical form—represents the Root Chakra, the seat of man’s primal energy which is identifiable with the color red.

It is Eve who eats the red “apple.”

But since Adam, Eve and the serpent are all one, the act is attributed to Adam because he embodies the degenerated version after the Hermaphroditic (DOGON TWINS) were separated.

Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon projected onto Assiah, which is the gender duality bi – polarized plane of physical existence which we all occupy at this moment … creating a split world of separation and constant wars.

The Tree of Life bears fruit, and those fruit are the seven chakras. The sweetest among them is the apple and it is the fruit of polarity which is the cause of duality but also our freedom.

Your spiritual energy is determined by the internal power that gives you the ability to do work AND influence your immediate environment in the process.

Natural charisma is just one expression of this power.

This power is not based on how many books you’ve read or lectures and documentaries you’ve watched.

It’s not even based on intellect, which is the most prized form of intelligence in non dragon cultures.

What I’m talking about is the active expression of an innate primal energy that you either possess or you don’t.

It involves an ability to express deep emotions, and in that process, elicit them from others.

This power is expressed in a multitude of ways … expansion of DNA