MICHELLE A : . There are so many signs now. The events are unfolding one by one




This evening the clouds

Were braided like DNA

What an interesting few days energetically.

We all have had some sort of the classic symptoms here the past few days.

Add to that, a headache that was dull and off and on sleepiness.

Then we watched the effects of the eclipse.

Nothing spectacular until about 10 pm.

The moon started moving erratically and dancing around until about midnight.

Then we stopped watching for a bit.

Looking out a bit later, there was red streaks on all the clouds in all directions.

Much later when we were headed for bed, Male Relative told me he could “see” the excited energy.

My comment…like a kid who ate too many cookies.

The events are unfolding, one by one.

We will get there…hopefully soon. ❤
Oh and this evening the clouds were braided like DNA. There are so many signs now.