Can’t control it

Don’t take it

Out on yourself

Trevion Alexander


I’m ‘bout to explode
So close to losin’ hope
So close to transitionin’ back into sellin’ dope
Closer to my last breath, than the one i just took
This just ain’t a rap even though that’s the way it may look
I need some support
Tired of sleepin’ on mama couch
Everyday i think she that much closer to kickin’ me out
I work a job but it don’t pay me that much
7 65 hours put gas in my car and pay for my lunch
I been needin’ help foreva so tell me wassup
Somebody gotta give, even if you can’t give me that much
Im sittin’ here thinking bout loadin’ it up and lettin’ it bangerang inside of the corner store,
While i’m holdin’ it up
My people asking me what’s wrong but i don’t tell them too much
Cuz deep down they been through my struggle but don’t give a fuck
My face up to the sky asking my savior whats up
But my head drop cuz my neck hurt from holdin’ it up
Dont smoke no more but a phone call away from rollin’ it up
But she don’t curse see i don’t see why i told you so much
In the street contest they promisin’ to blow my shit up
They got the resources so i don’t see what’s holdin’ them up
Ya god bless me with a gift i know my soul has been touched
But i feel like a jot from the bible cuz i suffer so much
Nobody gonna die in the streets i don’t claim to be tough
But if wars what you want i’m sliding heavy, fuckin’ shit up
Bottled emotions i ain’t with all that openin’ up
He close minded til’ one of them bullets opened him up
To see my body in a casket mama soul has been crushed
And my daddies too so to avoid that i wrote this one for us
But when my time to shine come imma be boullin’ the truck on the highway
Switchen lanes cuz it too big to be touched
You be honking your horn, your little car gonna be crushed
Totaled, flipped over, smoking n’ stuff
Alabama prosecutors’ bout chaining me up
Rappin’ my passion but i thinkin’ bout hangin’ it up
300 dollars to my name from this show i just done for the top of the underdog
See these other nigga’s is bums
If i’m the best you ever heard
Why you servin’ me crumbs
Hood, fucked up seeing a homie mama servin’ her son
I pray to stay out the way i know a blessin’ gon’ come
Saint lewis wicked don’t ever ask why i’m totin’ a gun
Cuz a pussy goin’ shoot you down if he got access to one
Im be like the president, an army gon’ come
OG told my mama she need to look out for his son
Cuz in life it’s bout’ where you goin’ not where you from
Stay down and keep grindin’ we almost out of the slums
But people hating they processin’ goin’ have to battle
Fuck the streetlight i go in the house and not see the sun
Close encounters with death plenty so i don’t ever run
Prayin’ for help my generation getting played to the left
See i got enemies supplied on my help cuz there ain’t going to be nothing’ left
What’s coming next can’t buy no time for yourself
The systems set for you do die on the set
Don’t want you flyin’ on jets
I’m fightin’ hard for what i’m tryna protect
Make good decisions bruh look out for yourself
Don’t do the same as the rest of us
The water crying out for your help
You goin’ to make some changes they gonna mark you for death
Dear god i pray for you help
Don’t bother too many i stay too myself
Why it is selfish to pray for myself
My life ain’t nothin but mess expose my power because i need some help
And the pain is deep so i battle myself
I be attacking myself
People told me i would be dead or in jail
Tried weed to solve it but that didn’t help
But it was all just a test
Can’t control it don’t take it out on yourself
Inner pain haunt me but i capture myself cuz i be prayin’ for help