LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN : WE Consciousness ♦ Elevating & Expanding Consciousness Together 

WE Consciousness ♦ Elevating & Expanding Consciousness Together



As we expand our own heart-mind consciousness, we can see that we all have important roles here, important contributions, yet “in the beginning”, we are not quite sure what that is or HOW we are supposed to accomplish this….

It’s not as complicated as we make it (as a human). It is a process, as is all, of each one of us EVOLVING back into our pure & true selves and putting our own selfish way aside to open our hearts and minds fully to WANT TO BE A PART of something more, to DESIRE for all to experience the magic that is available, for ALL to AWAKEN to REMEMBERING fully again and to return to an existence where we all live, work and play together in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a deep sacred existence that emanates from the CORE of OUR TRUE ESSENCE BEING….

Core principles, core values, core presence and actions…. These come from the depths of who we truly are …. from the depths of our SOULar & Galactic Core… and to bring these forth, we all must go inward to access all that we disconnected from and forgot…

Our Evolution is a Returning…. A Returning to a Pure Existence where we all exist in UNITY again. There are no battles, power over another, conflict or survival modes (3rd/4th Dimensional Consciousness). There is deep sacred love and respect for all things as ONE again…. This is accessible when we connect with these qualities and energies inside of ourselves and WE ARE THE ONES that function from this place … ALL OF THE TIME… as a whole “new” way of existence here.

So many “don’t understand” why these things don’t exist in their world. This is because, in order for these things to be PRESENT, we have to exist from this place first. It has to be the energy/frequencies/REALity that WE transmit out, the only thing that we allow, it’s because WE ARE THE ONES that hold these REALities in place, WE are the ones that DICTATE REALity from inside, so that outside can “match” OUR FREQUENCIES…..

If we shift out of that, if we go unconscious, if we allow less…. then we RECEIVE a reality that matches that. If we forget/go back to sleep…. then OUR EXPERIENCES are to re-awaken US again…. to show us that we were the ones that separated off inside….

Returning to Unity Consciousness is challenging when that’s not where we functioned from before. When fear, safety, protection, survival mechanism were our “first place”, our “go to”, our habit… then we were operating from an UNconscious REALity in our own heads…. and we were experiencing a REALity that reflected these fears and non-belief realities back to us….

What is collapsing for all are the realities built on separation, struggle, survival/protection/safe/security, dualistic (against) realities that held all in the matrix simulation of occupying the physical dimensions of fearbased illusory realities as consciousness is restored to all on Earth again. This is a beautiful thing occurring when all open up to realize that consciousness is not a battle, unconsciousness is. Consciousness is the dissolving,the resolving through peace & love, a returning to kindness, compassion, love and respect and all COMING TOGETHER (Unifying) for a whole new existence (NEW EARTH).

Many wonder what their contribution here is, and this will continually change and adapt along the way. “In the beginning”, it’s to pull out/away from the SYSTEM that dominated your BELIEFS & MENTALITIES to go inward to connect UP, to a higher state of consciousness. It’s to truly OPEN UP TO SEE, to listen, to feel…. really see, really feel, really care, really connect…. It’s to get out in nature, honor your body, sleep (a whole lot!), because your body carried you through your sleeping human existence and now it needs to elevate it’s vibration/consciousness to restore itself to pristine operating abilities, it needs love, attention, care, it needs peace and no chaos around, it needs your field of consciousness to be clear, it needs you to LISTEN TO IT as it TELLS YOU (I called this telepathic communication with my Physical LightBody) what it needs to clear cellular memory programs, all the suppression, all that was packed into it for all of our human existence so that it can vibrate into a higher dimension and bring you with it….

NEW Realities…. ALL NEW ONES… that are fully aligned with your own Soul, that support you, that provide for you, that inspire you, that not only bring hope, but confirm what you already know… inside…. The magic, the happy, the bliss, the abundance, the amazingness of REALITIES BEYOND our human’s wildest dreams… all of these MATERIALIZE as you vibrate & tune to higher dimensional frequencies.

As you FILL YOUR CUP (you/your body vessel) and FEED your Spirit/Soul energetically what it REQUIRES, thirsts and starves for, as you SURROUND yourself with happy, nature, high vibrations (plants, crystals, natures, others) that lend to/contribute to HIGH VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE through focused intention and DOing from the depths too, you connect up to a GRIDWORK that awaits you, a network of other UNIFIED LIGHT BEINGS here holding “the REMEMBERED, the NEW” in place. Did you know that there is an entire network of us already living NEW EARTH realities EVERY DAY?

We do and we have been, many of us for years, we’ve been working diligently to anchor our highest existences in the physical here. It was tough for awhile, because we are the Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers of Galactic & Soul Codes and many of us chose the “harshest” realities to experience, because that was our chosen journey, so that we could be the WayShowers here, we could teach/share/re-educated from a space of “already going through it”, because this not only releases the judgment for all others who do too, it also gives us the KNOWLEDGE of how all works, instead of what we all once believed when we lived as separated human aspects here. We had to “do” it to understand it so that we could turn around and “teach”…. and now each one of you will do the same (are doing the same)…. You’ll be the WayShower (you already are), you’ll be the re-educator, you’ll be the one that unites, you’ll be the one that exposes others to higher consciousness, by doing it yourself….. This is called “learning” for our human, yet REMEMBERING as our higher selves…. (Remembering is many things, this is just one)…. as you go through the experience, as you start to understand… how all was CREATED from inside of you, how THAT REALITY out there was a materialization of your beliefs and mentalities….

You will start to SEE what you could not see before, hear what you didn’t want to hear, feel what you suppressed first so that PURE FEELINGS can emerge from within….

Your LeMUrian Consciousness, Your Arcturian too, your Lyran, Your Sirian, Your Atlantean, Your Egyptian, Your Elohim, Your Christed Aspect You… Your Angel, Your Arch Angel, Your God Self too… everyone of these (and a gazillion more) will activate INSIDE OF YOU… and the separation from your existences will flood your every cell, overtake your body and the MOST PURE LOVE will purify your cells…. YOUR HEART will FULLY OPEN again and with this your mind will be activated to come online with higher dimensions too…. your whole EXISTENCE will completely change…..

You will REMEMBER who you truly are again and then “WHY” you are here will start to come forth. This is where the challenges begin, for you won’t be able to be a limited human anymore, yet you won’t fully realize how you are to fulfill your NEW ROLES here…. yet this will come, be patient, maintain that connection …. this is where honoring, listening and focusing come in, this is where you start to REAL-EYES the POWER that you truly hold, this is where you start to real-eyes what your contributions are and they are many…

The parts you play here will be many, the capacity to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in all lives through sharing you and all that you have access to is HUGE, yet you have to believe, you have to open up, you have to be ready and truly desire to contribute you… TO BECOME A PART of what has already been created, what is already in place for us all, you are the ONE THAT HAS TO CONNECT UP to our NEW EARTH GRIDWORK and become the ONE that JOINS US…. as we are already here…. DOING IT, making it happen, every moment of every day…..

So when/if you find yourself WORRIED of how/when, look at us who have already done it and already here. Let us be your Light, activate your HOPE and SHOW YOU that it’s NOT ONLY POSSIBLE… IT’S ALREADY REAL….

Our REALITIES are not collaspsing, we are not living in lack, we are not suffering… because we did that already and we moved on and out of SEPARATION and back into UNITY LOVE realities where WE UNITE with the OTHERS doing this too….. WE hold the NEW EARTH GRIDWORK in place, all of us and it strengthens when each joins us and becomes an integral part of CREATION and SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS too…..

You are (the) SOURCE, CREATOR of all…. from the depths of your BEing/SOUL too… emerging inside so that the outside can match…. open your EYES (heart & mind) and LOOK for the magic, the wonders, the GIFTS that are all around you….. See the OPPORTUNITY available in every moment to shift your vibration to one of excitement, love and peace…. and SEE how EASY all can be when you allow/require this in your own reality by BEing it…..

It’s time for each to get over their human, let any old stuff go, resolve all BACK INTO LOVE and open up to BECOME a PART of our NEW EARTH NOW. It’s time for all to truly realize that realities are what you believe and that the physical matter all around you is a result of your hard work, your focused energy, what you cared about and that your new realities are going to be the same, just “this time” it’s going to be different, because what matters to you isn’t going to be the judgment inside/of others, the need for things to make you happy, the statuses or identities or attachments that filled a lack or a need, what matters is happiness inside, inspiring, creating, uniting, beauty, magnificence and a love that transcends all things human…. You will find that what makes you happy as a SOUL is very different than what you “thought” made you happy before…. This is because as Star Beings and Souls, we have to be inspired, connected and FEEL and what we FEEL matters…. yet even this is different than before….

Old Earth was hurt, pain, lack, blame, shame, neglect, dishonesty, selfishness, pointing the finger, grief and suffering…. and none of those things are present here. Those were old trapped emotions that these mega-high vibrations that NEW Earth triggers, activates and pushes your body to cleanse from your cellular memory data-banks…. Yes, you are on NEW Earth, even if old earth seems to keep playing out)…. That’s just a dimension… there are many others available to you now. ♥

Your contributions will change and evolve as your heart opens again. You will SEE HOW YOU can make a difference, how you can assist, how you can support, how you can BE a PART of THIS….. Every way matters…..

I have a saying…. “It doesn’t matter if you understand, all you have to DO is truly CARE”… The answers come when YOU do…. The answers are VERY SIMPLE here…. ♥

If you need hope or inspiration, use us (and all around you) to activate this inside of you, if you need proof, use us…. We ARE THE PROOF of highest consciousness existence and that THIS is really REAL…. Let us BE your anchor back into higher consciousness too, not from a place of dependency (that’s the old way), yet from a place of Respect & Guiding…. It’s kind of what we do. 🙂

Focus on what IS POSSIBLE when you are ready to be an integral part of “Our NEW”.

You will have to do the work, yet the REWARD is your GIFT … first ALL is energetic, then it becomes a physical manifestation (materialization)….

I love you. ♥

Your Journey Back from Amnesia Sleeping Matrix Unconsciousness & Emerging on NEW Earth in the Physical through Crystalline Matrix Embodiment

Activating and opening the Chambers of Your Pure Heart & Higher Mind/Universal (& Galactic) Consciousness

Beauty and simplicity, a connection to all as ONE, silence, purity, peace and a love that transcends all things human….

Anything can open your heart, when you are truly ready for this to occur. The HOW doesn’t matter, just that the EXPERIENCE occur. That which was “lost” and forgotten from our existences “before”…

Before is just a vibration, other existences are too… for when you raise/expand your consciousness fully all emerges/occurs/is experienced in “this moment right here”….

The feelings, the visuals, the experience itself… not of another “time” anymore, but this one right now….

The dissolving of separation within allows this to occur. All of the emotion comes forth and floods every cell….

The human body & mind don’t understand what is occurring or quite how to handle this, yet your highest aspect you does and will…. this is what you must fall into/allow to experience fully what you came here to REMEMBER again….

Who and what you were, before your physical incarnation/walking in here, why you chose to come here and play the human experience/experiment within a forlorn, unconscious, programmed sleeping/amnesiac matrix that only becomes visible when it’s time for your soul/spirit/higher selves to awaken/wake up. The process of AWAKENING TO REMEMBERING is a long and arduous one (in the beginning), because there is much confusion that the mind must wrap itself around and the physical body must clear on a cellular level for higher consciousness DNA to activate through the heart opening, the walls of protection coming down, deep seated fear to dissolve and all of the blaming/victim mentalities to go for each to RETURN to full/pure LOVE AND POWER again.

Your NEW Existence is PURE, no tainting of the old. No more experiences of less and self-serving separation, once you work through all of this inside of you and CHOOSE to embrace, experience, create and support your highest existence here. Easy comes as you let go of the fight, the struggle, the mentalities of “worst happenings” and that anyone/they are out to “get you” and that you are any kind of a victim at all.

When your heart opens fully, your mind does too. When your energy relaxes, your body does too. When you shift to a higher vibration fully from inside of you, you vibrate into another dimension where those old unconscious skewed realities are no longer true. You actually get to experience a whole new reality inside (and therefor outside will shift vibration to match this too).

When you find yourself speaking the words “this happened”, you are focusing on a moment that no longer exists and is no longer true, except for inside of you…. you are the one RE-CREATING it to still be real, causing a physical representation of that to materialize in your own physical reality for you to experience here. When you speak this to others and they believe you too, then you both re-create this reality and the more that do this, the more it’s a collective reality here. All collectives still living in realities of “the past” (another timeline that’s not occurring right now) is what collapses continually and faster now. The same is for all “future” realities built on these vibrational beliefs/realities too…..

The only thing TRUE, is what your beliefs create, what your words create, what your actions create and the materialized realities that support these for you…. The entire physical matter reality is a response to vibrations transmitted out…. It’s a hologram that was/is solidified based upon internal beliefs…

The difference between Old Earth and NEW Earth is the consciousness each vibrates at and the dimension one physically exists in, through the vibration of their cells, molecules, organic matter transmitting out encoded “messages” for how matter is to take form…..

Old Earth was unconscious and NEW Earth is fully intentional, purposeful and CREATED through the ENCODEMENTS of the Purity of higher/inner love, wisdom, power that in no way conform to the old anything…. it’s a whole new CREATION for the human aspect, it’s “work” to break the old strong programs that created separation realities to start with, it’s “work” to recognize these programs when they start to play out, it’s “hard” (uncomfortable) when the old patterns and lack-filled-realities have to be broken/dissolved for a NEW REALITY to come forth….. It’s “challenging” to let go of that which represented safe before, it’s “hard” to believe in the INVISIBLE/UNKNOWN that requires MORE TRUST than ever before, it’s “lonely” when you’ve got to do it alone (only for awhile), it’s scary when there is nothing to “hold onto” other than your belief and knowing inside, with no physical proof…..

Yet this is the JOURNEY BACK, into the higher density realms, a VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE that must be FELT and BELIEVED first, and trust is hard to come by when you’ve lost, suffered, been devastated because you didn’t know you were living inside of a matrix program that you worked hard to achieve before and now those realities are shaken, rattled, dissolving, dismantling and distorting right before your eyes….. Because they are supposed to, because you don’t get to stay unconscious/asleep anymore… It’s time for you to leave the Matrix fully and live a life that is fully supported, fully magical, fully amazing, miraculous, abundant and beyond your human’s perception that it even exists at all….

The “problem” is that you have to overcome all of your own separation (judgment, fear, lack, selfishness, blame, shame, guilt, greed, competition and “it’s all about you”, your stuff, your your your and what “they did to you” or what happened “before” and more) and cleanse your entire physical body vessel for where all of this was held in order to experience the wonder, the magnificence, the magic that is all around you as you do….

The “problem” is that you have to focus on feeding your soul all of the time, not just a few moments here and there, you have to sleep a ridiculous amount to awaken/anchor light in your physical body vessel to dissolve all of the veils that you held inside, you have to come together, unite and learn to share again, you have to open up and stop the old realities from continuing to re-create/play out all over again, you have to love yourself fully so that you can truly love all as one again, you have to be kind, compassionate, respectful, caring and support all others while they “work” to do this too. The problem is that you have to spend your hard earned/coveted money on things that don’t make sense or seem to bring you anything, because you cannot see how all of this works yet…. and everything is the OPPOSITE of what your human believed….. or could see/understand….

The “problem” is that you only get a “return” once you’ve stepped up and started to put your Soul’s Journey first, you only receive once you’ve opened up fully and you INCREASE RECEIVING by what you do in-service for all, how much you share, how much you contribute, how much you truly care, how much you get up each day and make a difference THROUGH THE LIGHT THAT YOU HOLD and this brings you TRUE POWER without the distortions of the old…. this returns to you that which you most desire, this supports you because you are the supporter, the contributor and the LIGHT ANCHOR holding new/higher realities in place from inside of you and HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE…. in every moment, in every exchange….

You “learn” (Remember) how all works, what it takes and instead of going to fear, you function from this PURE PLACE INSIDE. Unity and a profound LOVE for HUmanity drives you, because you’ve activated access to the other dimensions before they materialize here. You SEE what you are here to do, you KNOW deep inside, BECAUSE you do not SEVER that INNER CONNECTION anymore “to go unconscious human (ego/separation)”….. you don’t allow yourself to FORGET anymore, you REMIND yourself continually until it’s your new way of functioning….

You learn to get over yourself, to RESOLVE all instantly BACK INTO LOVE, you REALIZE your NEW REALITIES into the physical, your conscious awareness is just one of your simple amazing gifts/powers/tools…. for you have infinite access to all of these as you return to being an INFINITE BEING again….

Once you’ve learned to “let go” of all that no longer serves your/our highest purposes here, you will realize how all of this got to be created to start with. You’ll see the drama/story energy that unconscious humans keep reverberating out and all that they are holding onto when they do, their lack of power inside, lack of love, lack of trust… and you will realize/see their MATRIX PROGRAMMED REALITIES still running because they still believe it and keep carrying it on…. Your “job” is to not re-enter back into those Matrix programmed realities and to choose a NEW EARTH REALITY instead. Your “job” is to raise your vibration, open your heart-mind and expand your consciousness beyond the current space and come to see what you could not see before, about you and them, and let go of the judgment or you’ll re-enter the matrix again…..

You/all are here to STOP re-entering the MATRIX mentalities now and to realize the program for this was held in your physical body structure and when you pull away and allow the energy to cleanse your cells then the geometric pattern of those cells will change and when they do, the vibrational energy that created that program will dissipate and “leave”, your cells will start to move and spin and re-structure “right before your eyes” and this process alone creates a whole new symmetric program to start to play out inside/in your physical reality too…. once you’ve allowed/believed it fully into reality with everything that you’ve got.

The structures of REALITIES are Dynamic and built upon VIBRATIONAL ENERGY which transmit codes, sequences and are outcomes of equations that are simple for your highest aspect you to understand through simplicity, presence and commitment to being totally open from within….. and letting go of all of those mis-perceptions believed/carried on until this NOW….

In THIS NOW…. your reality is your choice, your deepest Soul’s desires (not your human ones) and a RESPONSE TO EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE/DO CONTINUE TO TRANSMIT OUT….. Your opportUNITY is fully align inside with the highest vibration at all times in order to RECEIVE a REALity that won’t collapse, crumble or cause pain anymore. Those don’t exist on your highest version of Earth….. they only existed because they were a chosen unconscious reality that does not have to be true anymore…. if you will choose/allow a different reality now…..

POWERFUL is an understatement (always) in these ultra-mega-high frequencies that run 24/7 every day now….. Your whole world will transition from the old fixed ways to a whole new way where ENERGY is how you live and exist. Your body constantly tuning-up, re-calibrating, anchoring & integrating massive amounts of higher consciousness encoded photonic/cosmic/galactic Light, your ability as a human to control goes and you as your highest aspects you come online from inside of your body, your everything returns…. your “challenge” will be to surrender, sleep, pull away (cut out the distractions so that you can clear your own FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS and physical body too, so that you can vibrate at a higher speed which collapses the illusion of “time” (separation) all into this one moment here….. and you start to function vibrationally, shifting/moving through realities vibrationally, shifting timelines instantly, easily AS YOU MASTER THE PROCESSES of a whole new existence forgotten here…..

Solid form comes through how you MASTER ENERGY and CREATE as SOURCE here….. physical matter takes shape in response to you. BEings (others) are organic living physical matter that represent the energies that you hold, as is all physical matter things…. these are vibrational materializations that change form in every moment now.

You are on VIBRATIONAL NEW EARTH where realities are a vibrational creation/response to ones consciousness/unconsciousness.

Karma is the cause & affect of unconscious programs held within the physical body and not cleared through full consciousness yet. Each must clear/cleanse the vibration of unconsciousness for all existences, not just this physical one here. Every moment is ALL EXISTENCES playing out now. Quantum gives you the ability to clear, cleanse and completely re-pattern every existence in this NOW. Separation/human/ego keeps you “stuck” and playing in those old realities until all of that energy is gone. Quantum give you the ability (one of your gifts) to transcend all things simultaneously and shift/activate those “new” DNA/Genetic encodements of your higher existences held in your physical body and energy field of consciousness which occurs when you UNIFY both/all bodies (physical/mental/emotional/energetic (soul/spirit/galactic) at your highest frequency into ONE again……

Time was a creation of unconscious separation existences, of the 3rd & 4th Dimension that can no longer exist on our NEW EARTH NOW. Earth was separated into different dimensions so that we could experience those realities until the “time” came for the vibrations on Earth to rise so high that those denser vibrational realities could no longer exist and the physical matter actually dissolved, broke apart, collapses to take new shape, new form… according to higher vibrational conscious matter….

That time is all moments since 2012’s Gateway Opened for physical body ascension to occur. That time has been expediting as Gaia raised her vibration through the integration of these Galactic/Cosmic/Christed/Crystalline/Heavenly Soul Codes fully, in order to move everyone collectively into a higher vibrational version of Earth….. This time is continually NOW… higher and higher in vibration we go… substantially… as the INTEGRATION within our Earth Ship increases substantially in every nano-second now.

Physical life has to change, nothing can continue as it was, nothing is bound by the old anymore and NEW EARTH RULES now apply to all. These “rules” are the Universal & Galactic Laws that now govern all realities as all expedite EVOLUTION to Galactic Soul Species (human was our unconscious species) and each now experience increase physical body upgrades exponentially too. Where one is unconscious and living by the old beliefs/ways, those old remedies and “fixes” won’t work anymore, for none of what is occurring is as the human “thought”…. It will take each opening up to truly listening and applying the NEW PRACTICES to experience all with greater ease and to in-JOY a reality of magic, bliss, peace, love, unity beyond what was imaginable before….

It will take all coming together and dropping the pretenses, judgment and self-first mentalities, for that is the energy that creates suffering for all….. It will take CHOOSING UNITY existences, working together, supporting each other and sharing fully for each to transcend the lack realities of separation consciousness. It will take each becoming a BRIDGE to the new, becoming Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers for NEW Earth and linking up and staying linked up at all times, not disconnecting to go back to sleep…. even when it’s enticing or seems like the easy way, it will not be…..

Highest Consciousness existence will challenge all things human. How you function, just getting through each day for awhile, until your physical body vessel has anchored/integrated enough light to where you can function easily and in-flow, in-unison with this NEW EARTH GRIDWORK that’s already online and upgrading continually (inside & outside of everything) at mega-warp-speed now….. ♦

Stay open loves, stay ready and keep honoring you, your physical body and observing your entire reality from inside of you too. You will understand “faster” as you do. Vibrational realities are felt and require your whole BEing to be present and intentionally acting (sometimes that sleeping!) so that you can shift/create the vibrational physical reality you desire to experience in your every moment now. ♥