The NEW EARTH creation and star system is without the desire/need to kill for survival … the killing instinct … is removed …

(the apportioned parasitical dna code structure that enhanced and facilitated that capability … which made up the ”interfered with” bits of various forms)

Leaving pure CC dna … as was originally intended … thus nature’s various cleaned biological dna body coverings is re-wrapped over the original framework … with 12 strand dna code added that was blocked/removed.

Someone has to do it … this is not a reset … this is a new beginning … a new book … With new biological ”merit is trust” super quantum computer programmers and a completely new Aeon.






M CREATIONS GOAL – Create highly DNA implosive beings with consciousness who are eternal to expand the light

M …

Creation was abducted before DNA was finalised
Ideal DNA would be to recreate the Golden sparks
Which we haven’t done
So everything keeps collapsing
It’s a multiverse problem
This Is what the light wars are all about
Creation of highly DNA implosive beings with consciousness who are eternal
Those beings are the goal
The goal is to create beings to expand the light
Otherwise life retracts
Into a black hole
This has been the problem
There Is no guarantee future creation will be perfect
We are ñot perfect
We all just do what we can
M  …
There is no extra conscious creation in higher dimensions, except beings in the form of energy which lack consciousness (orbs-tree of life).

Our consciousness is trapped here in this reality.

The beings here are already extradimensional and exist as human appearing.

Energy attracts energy.

The creation not spoken about are the highly energetic beings which differ from humans because of their ability to light their DNA to implode (Lucifer beings).

This creation has existed long before the Biblical creation.

When humans were created  God copied the DNA blueprint of these light beings.

When DNA is copied, the ability is lost to implode DNA.

When Eve ate the “apple” in the Garden, her energy was combined with Lucifer energy (light being).

Eve already existed and was not God’s creation, so she was already a light being.

God was hoping to hide that fact.

God was very angry because when Eve combined energies with her own, she produced offspring who LOOKED human but actually were not.

Thus these non-human energy beings became targets throughout history of these past 6,000 years.

Only females who are able to combine energetically with these huge implosive energies can birth a human appearing high energy being (I call these Dragon females).

These females do not reproduce with human sperm.

They ARE ABLE TO, however.

If they birth a being without highly implosive energies, these beings may become VAMPIRIC (think Enki or Archon creation).

To enable a female dragon to flip her egg, bliss must be achieved.

This bliss is on a higher dimensional level, not physical sex.

The place where female dragons bliss energetically is at Mary Magdalena’s house.

This is why Mary was called a “prostitute” in the Bible.

Again, this is in a higher dimension.

A human female may wake up from a dream sexually aroused with memories of a bliss experience and be confused.

Or think nothing of it.

When in actuality, she may have just been assisted to flip her egg to produce an energetic being (also incorrectly known as saints, Angels, Illuminati, etc.)

There are a few dragon females on earth at a given time to be able to produce an energetic being from the Tree of Life.

M had the choice of two mothers on earth who would be able to carry her energetically.

These beings carry a different light signature and can be seen emanating light.

Many efforts of all lengths are taken by God and His forces (shadow government, military, churches) to medicate and confuse, and blatantly block the ability to see or know these energetic beings.

These beings are a separate creation, existing before humans were created by God.

They were called Giants

God is the first born Archon

Who through DNA manipulation engineered humans to be artificially engineered and manipulated, to run like machines.

Thankfully Lucifer was thinking and didn’t allow Him to create with exclusively humans.