RICHARD X – GAIAPORTAL : There are no masters … we are all students of life



1. We are not simply bystanders on a cosmic stage
We are shapers and creators living in a participatory universe
But without the building forces of Nature we’d have nothing
To build from or interact with … lest we forget
The elements of life are sacred … the devas … is a parallel substance or intelligence which relates to consciousness in such a way as to give substantial form and appearance to it.

2. What is high and what is low is the nature of frequency … higher frequency means more energy … consciousness controls the electromagnetic field of the earth.
Love generates the strongest and most coherent waves, and that coherent energy is healthy for everything and everyone.
It does this to water.
On the other end of the spectrum, hatred, anger, generate a dense low energy and does this to water.

3. A star does not compete with other stars around it …

It just shines …  circles of life

4. There are no masters … we are all students of life … learning from each other

1. Sacreds are recognized and cherished.

2. Higher alignments are received.

3. Foundations of Inner Light come to the fore, as students are ready.

4. Masters arise.