LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN : More Higher Dimensional Christed / Crystalline Consciousness Light 







More Higher Dimensional Christed/Crystalline Consciousness Light

Aloha LOVE family,

This passageway continues as the Crystalline Grid continues to increase in power, structure and form. The new form is much different than the old. It shifts, moves, fluctuates continually….

Collapse and convergence is continual too. As we intentionally consciously exist fully present in every moment, we see what to intentionally collapse so that all new highest timelines can “come through”.  The more we hold on to anything, the more challenging this is… until we truly understand how all works here.

Every time Earth Gaia & our Galactic Cosmos is ready to integrate more light here, drop density, cleanse old cellar programs of the “pain/trauma/hurt” of all existences, she shifts…. Every time she is ready to raise her vibration substantially (which is every moment now), she de-activates more old programming (and taking that offline) while activating new crystals/encodements (Christed Consciousness/Crystalline), continually changing the vibration being transmitted at any given time. Whatever serves the purpose of highest vibrational alignment and existence is what is activated, which “triggers” those old programs to play out. Cosmically/Galactically we are raining Christed/Crystalline frequencies in “bombardment” all day every day now. This highest light Christed Light is in the atmosphere and inner Earth, as they both work together simultaneously …

The physical body and all physical realities have to raise in vibration now to HOLD THIS PURE CHRISTED LIGHT. This is an immense process for the newly awakening. It is for us all, yet it can be totally opposite experiences dependent on how asleep/awake the psychical body is… how dense/light it is… and what’s left in cellular memory to purify, cleanse/clear and UNIFY totally from within.

The physical dimension of consciousness that one functions from will determine the actual experience that one has. No one has to “wait” for an event to occur to shift into/onto a higher dimensional plane. First we do it with our consciousness through full presence for our Crystalline (Christed Consciousness) DNA to activate, physical body starts to re-calibrate/re-code/re-structure, therefore our physical reality does too. The unconscious realms/being just don’t understand how this applies to the physical realty world and how restructuring occurs. (This is why we re-educate and share). We open those portals and gateways our selves. We walk through them and we come out on the other side once we’ve completed that initiation or anchoring process necessary for our “new” to materialize in the physical here and for us to vibrate into that dimensional timeline too!

The denser vibrational planes experience everything very emotionally, very physically, very mentally… to dissolve the immense separation/unconscious energy held…The physical has to purify and cleanse everything of separation consciousness fully… The sleeping human has to work much harder for physical matter everything, as they’ve not awakened their ability to intentionally “form matter” through focused consciousness.

The lighter density planes experience all energetically first, without much of the physical’ness from before. The density “gone” from the physical body (not size, as our bodies expand), all is just energy activating, shifting, vibrating at different speeds and gravitational forces or weights, for anchoring & integrating new encodements accompanied by an energetic release from the cellular body for all to easily and naturally occur.

These heightened frequencies amplify whatever one holds inside. They make all visible, they push up any suppression, in absolutely every way. Where we no longer “practice suppression” this is easy, yet there’s always something that was deeply buried/hidden in our cellular body. The only difference is we don’t judge it, need to know, try to hold on or push it back in or try to hid from it. We HONOR vibrational shifting first and releasing old uncomfortable programs is a huge part of the physical body Ascension/Embodiment processes here. We embrace it and we WANT IT OUT OF OUR BODIES as it was what kept us bound to limited and fixed realities still…… and we function from the depth of our own Soul and purity at or Core of existence fully, all of the time…

This passageway we are in right now is HUGE for us all. (This is always true). NEW BEGINNINGS is what all are offered as all are fully ready to embrace NEW EARTH EXISTENCE and truly “be done” with the old. We turn our whole body “about” and go in a completely different direction than before.

Re-focusing our Energy is necessary for us all. We re-focus everything, us, our thoughts, our physical world things and we basically commit it all to being in-service in order to fulfill our greatest SOUL’s purposes, which in-turn magically fulfills our highest dreams simultaneously too. We just don’t always know what all is at the time. Baby steps in the beginning, then huge Super Quantum jumps as we get our footing and start to move into the fluidity and flow of how all works here. We JUMP because we trust and we know and we are ready for the next awesome reality to come forth. We take that “risk”, because it’s not a risk anymore…. ∞

I’ve written a few new articles and will post them below for you to read. I hope to do a video soon, yet have several new live interviews where I share as much information as “time” will allow, in addition to the courses, community and more. I’ve been having to slow all down and not try to accomplish 24/7 and re-pace myself after years of producing non-stop. Constantly re-balancing all to shift and move in different directions is how this works for us all.

Wishing you the most amazing everything, filling this newsletter with so much light and sending love from Kauai too!

p.s. as I completed this, we shifted into Enhanced Synchronization and Pure Source Light Body-Field alignment too. Fast and powerful frequencies collapse/converge simultaneously. These normally last all day then we clear tons of timelines when we sleep (always), and then Expedited Convergence …. Are you totally excited and ready for the next awesomeness ready to come forth? Let go of the need to know and just KNOW!

What’s important to the human doesn’t matter to us. What’s important to us is “invisible” to humans… where realities are able to synchronize,


Your higher heart is simple and your higher mind comes online when you live this simplicity inside… there is the purity of a child, yet the power of a blinding sword/hammer if necessary to put a stop to anything strong of the old. There is no imposing here, for that is disrespect. We don’t project onto others and we no longer take others stuff on ourselves…..