JUNE 25 2017

Hello, I am Lida….Valiant’s Mother (the biological one, that is). Bill has been posting his ‘stories…revelations’ for over 5 years now. Rumor Mill News is his prime website. He writes as one of their ‘Agents’, which is just a name for one of their reporters. A few others then pick him up and re-post his writings. Which is fine.

The more people who can read and benefit, the better for everyone! Glad to see his posts are back on this site this week. When you miss one, a part, or chapter goes missing! And there are holes in the story.

I put them up for him on RMN, as his energy tends to really disturb computer systems…especially when he is upset. He will literally fry electronics, and they malfunction…sometimes breaking down!

So I have been ‘assisting’ him all these years. Met a lot of wonderful, awakened people because of his stories!
I also email a large group right after he is posted, so if anyone is so inclined. …send me your email and I can add you too.

….and no, he does not have his own website. Yet. Anonymity is extremely important right now.

The fellow on nomoresleeping stopped posting the Valiant messages over 2 years ago, altho he keeps his previous posts up like a archive, or record, of his work. Including all of the artwork up until then. He had his reasons; we understood.

William’s first book : Higher Forces is no longer available at this time…long story. We would like to republish it on Amazon, since we had success getting his 2nd book out last month. It was a compilation of his Bell Tolls posts. Many had asked for a neat, compiled book…so we did that!

His photo is on the back cover, if you are interested! Just do a search of The Bell Tolls by Valiant, and check it out!

We also plan the Sequel to Higher Forces in the near future. Time remaining permitting.
And more books that group his posts…like The Thunders, and The Hour Glass!

Happy to hear you are all still interested to hear his stories. They blow me away every week…still! And he has many yet to tell. But not for long…I have been told. Soon, he go silent!

And you are right…he is not that other Valiant Thor…the Venusian.

Thanks for the comments everyone!








17 MARCH 2012

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Saturday, 17-Mar-2012 13:36:06
I would like to start this off by introducing myself as the author of ‘Higher Forces.’ I’ve been interviewed by Raye on her show and she was kind enough to stay in touch with me and has become both a friend and confidant helping me through some struggling times.

As discussed with Raye on her show in an interview, I told her about an experience I had years ago, one so important that I kept secret for years until finally it was time to tell the story. I had an encounter with an angel, not some fabricated made-up day-dreamy angel, but in fact the real thing. It was an experience that changed my life forever, and continues to do so until this day.

It’s an immense story, but my main reason for writing this today is because I have something to say, to share, and quite honestly I think it’s the right time.

The angel, for whatever reason (one I continue to struggle to figure out) put something in my head– -he literally put his giant hand inside my head and placed something inside. Originally  I thought it was something else, but apparently it’s more than that.

Immediately after this happened I was plagued with dreams, visitations and interrogations by groups who persisted to question me on what happened. They apparently knew, but didn’t understand—nor did I at the time. They continually asked me questions, questions I could not answer.

Over time this stopped, and I began my overwhelming mission to fulfill whatever it was the angel did….so I began drawing and painting, and I did this to such an extent that you could not imagine. The artwork evolved, as did I. Until a few years ago when I worked on a series of pieces entitled ‘Ancient Prophecies.’

That’s when things really got strange. Paranormal events and experiences haunted most of my life up until the angel, at which time all of that miraculously stopped. But when I worked on my last series of artwork everything returned with a vengeance.

These shadowy forces, which I can only remotely, modestly describe as demons, kept coming at me and literally tried to rip out something inside of my head—-whatever it was the angel had put there.

Each attack left me so sick that I conceded to give up artwork to end these attacks. I felt relieved and guilty, I thought my artwork was a mission that I had to fulfill, and by stopping it I would somehow disappoint the angel in some way…but apparently whatever the angel did, placed there, was not limited to artwork.

I’ve had dreams, premonitions, visions, for years, and this only escalated after the angel, and has more so over recent months to the point that it has become again overwhelming. People have debated for years about the state of this planet, of its future, of its current affairs with governments, money, and general living and morality…

Religions have preached doomsday, the rapture…

And let me just interject that the rapture IS NOT what you think it is, the rapture is a near extinction level event, involving mass deaths all at once and the preparation for that death through religious undertones.

Higher Powers have always been present in our lives whether we admit it, realize it or not. Skeptics can cling to their views all they like about evolution and ‘they only believe what they see’ and so forth, but the fact of the matter is that there are forces beyond our imagination that exist, that live and shape things above our control…and they have been doing this for a very long time. Those include both forces of good and evil, of light and darkness….

Real angels and demons, and yes a real Creator.

Why am I saying all this? Because what has been going on, and building up is on such a huge multilevel chess board that it’s literally unbelievable.

People always blame the government for the problems of the world and in some part that’s true…but they have been manipulated by higher powers for years. There has always been a higher force behind every power, most just never recognized it.

Aliens manipulated the governments, tempting them with their technology—technology which really means nothing to them; it’s something they learn like in kindergarten for us, and a technology they will never allow them to keep.

Secret groups, ‘secret powers’ conduct experiments, all so bent on becoming something more powerful. Studying literally the most incredible things, of rods and non-corporeal life forms, of ghosts and spirits and demons alike…power sources.

Just one question, seriously ask this…Do you honestly think that the higher powers (both good and bad) would ALLOW this to happen unless they wanted it to? The dark forces encouraged that for a very specific reason, and they researched it just like they planned.

Everything is always about technology, about science, and the sheer ‘clear’ understanding of things by physically taking it apart or putting it together. Our governments covet the aliens’ technology like kids in a candy store, like teen-agers with cell phones, when it all means so little to them.

The real reason the aliens came here, their secret agenda, was to observe and absorb divine intervention. That’s the only reason they’re here, that’s the only reason they have been coming here, staying here…. and why they stay so hidden and cloaked.

They didn’t come to save us, they came to watch and learn and observe a civilization as it slowly undergoes a transformation and cataclysm…..Divine intervention always comes to these times, it has and always will. Their lives are so formal and sterile, the enrichment of spiritual knowledge is the most prized thing anywhere…. And it’s happening right now.

So, to set it clear…. The higher powers have been manipulating the aliens…. Dark forces lured them here. Aliens manipulated the government, and in turn the government controls us.

They play with devices; they try to master control, when the control was never really theirs to begin with. The dark powers played the reptilians like puppets for years, and still do—to go against them would end their race. They watch they wait they see they hear they listen and wait…. it’s always about the waiting.

But the biggest secret of all is that it was all planned…The luring, the manipulation, the technology, even the instigation of experiments…all for the sake of the end of the game. Which is…that our fate is their fate.

There is a cosmic law the aliens observe, but there is also a spiritual law of which only the higher powers know…You can’t just simply sit and watch a civilization crumble, or manipulate it without consequences….

It’s like a domino-effect. What happens here will happen on their worlds, ending ultimately in an entire-ending and re-shaping of the entire universes’ hierarchy. The good guys lose…the bad guys lose, ha ha ha. They planned it eons ago, and the parts were played out perfectly.

I told those groups, those agencies that interrogated me that I didn’t know what the angel put inside my head…well, that’s not entirely true. I know now, or have a better idea at least. And I know now that things can change. There is a miracle point.

Maybe that’s the saving grace, I don’t know. I have some ideas. And I honestly would like to do my part in doing the right thing and helping in any way that I can if that is what I am here to do.

I told ‘you’ that I didn’t know. Don’t come to me in dreams, waving signs, interrogating, making promises or threats. Come to me face to face, ask honestly and sincerely and I will reply the same way.

Come to me through my dreams so sneaky and concealed, and expect the appropriate response. I want to do the right thing, I’ve just been too afraid to do it.

Have an angel put something inside your head and then have a demon try to rip it and then tell me how it feels.

What would scare you then?

How long would you sit quietly thinking?

That’s all for now.


January 10, 2016

I’ve been following Valiant aka William J. Griffith for several years when his writings started being posted at Rumor Mill News. “Higher Forces” is a book he wrote which I am halfway through reading.

I only got interested in the book when he started releasing the story of the Angel’s information last year, October first. For a long time his posts were labeled Tick Tock and counted to MN warning the dark forces that he was going to reveal the information.
Part of his quest is to reach the readers that will matter when this event he has knowledge of occurs. I haven’t found an online version of the book. So far it is multiple characters being woven together with their encounters, powers of the ones they encounter, etc.

I don’t like to ruin the ending of a book so I will continue to follow the story in the book as well as what is posted every Thursday at RMNews. They are like “chapters”.
The title of the released information posts start as Knock, Knock if you want to search the website or use “Valiant” as an author search there. He was told to use the name Valiant in the beginning, then he was told to add Thor, so that’s when I googled and found the Venusian with the same handle!!! Kinda spooky.

William/Bill is young and is writing his own story but is being “told” what to write by the Watchers. Bill creates the details of the encounters. You have probably heard of the Watchers before. If you have the time to do the readings, you’ll find out that VT was the name of a brother of a family from another planet who died in battle. If this is history from off world, then maybe that is why the Venusian used the same name to honor a fallen hero.

Only my guess. Now for links: 1) This WordPress page doesn’t seem to have Valiant’s current Thursday postings but you can find a lot of background information and his art there:
The blog intro is written by the blog owner and friend about Valiant.