Teachings from A Time Being

Male Relative arrived to where he was called.

It was the place where Natural Time resides.

A Time Being was waiting for him.

The Being was about 8 foot tall with an anonymous human form with a light blue color.

He was made of swirling winds.

The Time Being asked, “What brings you here?”

Male Relative replied, “I keep seeing and hearing about ‘the end’…what is that about?”

The Time Being replied, “You are seeing ‘the end’ but not through your eyes.

It is the end of a 3D universe.

There are 3 that will be affected. (MR later explained he understood it to be 3D universes that will be deleted but we will be okay.)

Male Relative said, “I have had a really bad week with the visions and other things.

I thought the end was about me.”

The Time Being replied with amusement, “You know time always resets itself at Midnight in every part of this world…so events can come undone and be corrected.”

Then he said, “It is time to learn or relearn about worlds between worlds.”

He took Male Relative with him in the travels and explained along the way.

“There are 3 Worlds.

The Worlds like you know, Interdimensional Worlds and Sub Worlds.

Beings live on each one.”

When they stopped, they were too far away to see any individual being.

“On the Sub World level, there is a Bridge Effect.”

Male Relative was shown floating islands that were hovering about the clouds.

They were huge, about the size of a continent.

It was explained by the Time Being that they were all still in the early 13th century.

The floating islands were bridged together with rope bridges that could be crossed but there was also flying machines like the ones Leonardo Da Vinci drew.

The floating islands were very high above the clouds.

Each one has its own gravitational pull.

The Bridge Effect allows any being to travel to the different floating islands safely.

They could travel to different floating islands if they want to learn more about different cultures.

There were many different cultures represented.

All the island inhabitants are aware of one another and he was informed they normally don’t fight.

Male Relative observed for a bit then asked, “What happens if they hit each other?”

The Time Being said, “There would be a big explosion.

Each of these islands have their own path like the planets of a solar system.

The system doesn’t normally fail.”

Male Relative was then instructed on Pocket Dimensions.

The Time Being pointed one out as is passed by.

It was a small ball.

They are very small relatively.

They float around the islands.

The Time Being went on to one with Male Relative.

He described it as uninhabited with lots of dirt.

He said it felt like ‘nothingness’.

The Time being explained the final lesson, “Pocket Dimensions are small and anything that goes into one can go undetected for a time.

You have to intend to go into one.

They don’t suck you in.”

The instruction was over and Male Relative returned.