HATTER : NOTES FROM LAST NIGHT – Location is actually information






(information from the water and light)

Bug out
And Burning logs

Sleeping and
Talking whilst awake
Being that location is awareness
Hence … meaning is no different

ONE moment please …

What does a Cicada sing about ?
The distinctive call that large swarms
Can raise to a loud roar

There is no vast space
There is no … out there

Location is actually information

So said the water …

When one travels to a location
One should learn about the terrain
Fauna and Flora

Build your own bridge …

When you cross the bridge
You go past the gate keepers
You cross the dualistic way of thinking
That’s why they like burning the bridges
They don’t want anyone knowing that …

Thinking for yourself is natural
Also uncontrollable

Going through an eye
Is going through …
Dimensions of information
The location is information
Heaven holds information kept apart
From the minds of ordinary folk
That also applies to hell

They call it …
Reward and punishment
Both used to abuse
By the various gate keepers
Negative waves

Going through a tunnel
Is going through a funnel
As there is no up and down
It’s information … spirals of vortexes
Top down …
Out there … is … bringing through

Everyone is taught to think bottom up
THAT creates arguments … points of view
Top down creates … vision
Sharing information

Hence … the gate keepers are channelling
From the Astral … those that dwell in the astral
The astral is a construct … full of entities
Arguing over their … points of view

Be water my friend
As Bruce Lee would say
Travelling through the waters of space
Means navigating through the information received

There you go … travel within

To learn

A little bit of …






Hitler, he’s only got one ball
Goring, has two, but very small.
Himmler, he’s very sim’lar.
But Joseph Goebbels has no balls at all.