Djed or Sed or Zed or Jedi-zed-eye translates stability, Asar is Osiris, Oser the Djed represents Asars backbone or spinal column.




Numerology is Nunology and we know it has Nun pronounced Noon is the Science of Sciences and is the way we Children of the Sun aka Re also recorded has Paa-Re and nature as ancients also known today learn to tap into, bring forth and work with the positive life forces in nature.

Water is Watt-er
Nun is the deep, abyss

Moses was drawn out of the waters of Nun, the Greeks called Nun Poseidon.

This frequency is fundamental frequency is a Electromagnetic Force of nature NaTuRa, and its original or true meaning is to invoke nature, some refer to this force-NRG has (God).
This is why it is said (God) is the word which is sound and light.

The dogma of (God) is taught to keep us mislead, ill-informed to keep us out of the knowing.




Now Satan, (Saturn) Etymology, Old English via Late Latin and Greek from Hebrew SaTan, literally- adversary, from Satan- oppose, plot against.
Now Oppose, Etymology, Late Middle English, from Old French opposer, from Latin opponere (see opponent), but influenced by Latin oppositus- set or placed against and Old French poser- to place.
Satan means adversary or opposing force, Satan is the positive force (+) opposing force of the two-chemical charge (+) and ().
In electromagnetism Satan is the electric part of electromagnetism.

In creation or life, you must have two charges or forces that oppose one another.

The Kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which woman took and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.
Samson says: for I have been to Nazarite unto God from my mother’s womb, Judges 16:17.

Nazir means to sperate (like Holy means to sperate) or consecrate oneself, secrate, comes from sacra and the plural of sacra is sacrum.

This triangle bone in the lower back that is pointing down, referred to has the sacred bone or the place where the soul resides.
The triangular shaped bone called the sacrum is the secret place of our electromagnetic energy that comes from Samsun the sun with the seven rays of the sun, also called the Chakra(s).




This is the place of the woman taking the leaven or the NRG that causes and invokes in unseen knowledge that is in the dark parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.
This electromagnetic energy, rises up our spines and is hidden in our 3rd eye (pineal gland) for 3days, till the whole gland is leavened.

The tri-angular shaped sacrum is also the doorway from the Hebrew word and Greek Delta.
In this sacred place is our electromagnetic energy sometimes called the Kundalini-Khudalini-coil one.

The ancients left many records explaining all, gravitation is the electromagnetic force that no man-science wants to acknowledge.
KHMT (Egypt) science is based on acoustics, the many uses and applications of electromagnetic and yes many people have used different symbols for the sine-wave of electromagnetism, but no matter how we slice it, it is all about the electromagnetic NRG.

Now here is the special part, the electromagnetic wave makes a hissing sound like the snake and serpent.
This is one reason the serpent symbol is used to depict the moment and sounds of electromagnetic energy.

We should be focusing on what our ancestors taught us which are the laws and ways of Mother Nature and the specifically the Sun.
Our ancestors (Mother and Father) told us to honour or Mother and Father so that our days on earth will be long.
We should know that our father and mother are the Sun and Mother Nature.

Now, we should know that Ma’at which is the science of all things and Atum came out of Nun, or you can say the primeval waters.

The waters of Nun or Nu, are what we know has electromagnetism.

So, we take Ma’at or you can call it the sciences of all things and study the Sun or Atum and Nun Electromagnetism.

Maat (Ma’at Ma) was the ancient KHMT (Egyptian) concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice.
Maat was also personified as a Netert female elite member, all are principles (Gods), Maat regulates the stars and the seasons, and the actions of both morals and the other elite deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation.
Maat counterpart is Thoth Tehuti.

Atum, Atom or Sun, is an important deity, Atum(s) name translates the Undifferentiated One, the komplete one, or finish, he knows where this begins and where this ends.
The finisher of creation or the starter, which when he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle.

Electromagnetism, is a forcefield, physical attraction between electrically charged particles, the electromagnetic usually shows electromagnetic fields such as electric fields, magnetic fields and light.

The electromagnetic force is one of the four (3) fundamental interaction in NaTaRe.

Earths Heartbeat, her magnetic field, her resonance has been accelerating, the magnetic field of Earth was put in place by the ancient ones, the field blocks our primordial memories of our true heritage.

This was so that souls could learn from the experience of creative -will unhampered by memories of the past, the magnetic field changes are now loosening those memory blocks and we are raising our consciousness to greater truth.

The Electromagnetic field is hormonal based and affects us.