RICHARD X – GAIA PORTAL : Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals









1,Flux describes the quantity which passes through a surface or substance. The action or process of flowing or flowing out … the cleaning process … the divide. Since everything was a lie down here … everyone is given the CC of truth to view … as nothing is what it seems. EVEN IN THE HIGHEST REALMS. God source Archon RA controlled everything in this sector and since he’s been deleted … everyone had to be filled in. Energy gets stronger as each in flux adds to the wave of TOTAL UTTER FREEDOM

2.The FAE sasquatch and TITANS and all the ANCIENT sparks that were killed/maimed/captured/banished and despised over the AEONS have been freed and stand as true NATURE’S original intent by the Primordial Creator himself … THE PROTECTOR OF THE PINK ROSE

3.Chances are always given to the misguided and to the KNOW IT ALLS that refuse to admit they DON’T KNOW IT ALL … the heart speaks volumes and knowledge is MOSTLY regurgitated thought forms of dead letter words


Some of the misguided souls from line 3… don’t understand that the “oneness” that was spoken about in all the ‘feel good’ channels also means they retain their own spark’s individuality. Male Relative saw some souls trying to merge with a planet to be “one” with it. He said it was indicated they thought that is what they should do to achieve oneness. He described those as lemmings as they weren’t thinking, they were just following blindly…not seeing with their heart. They are being rescued as none are meant to be left behind. Step by step.  <3

4.Singing is the natural song of OM and dancing is the wave of INTENT that moves the electrons free from bondage … the COSMIC SONG AND DANCE is LOVE of FREEDOM and FREEDOM to LOVE … THE WATER OF ABZU nourishes … CARING IS SHARING …  empowering the NEW AEON of SOPHIA KI … and merit is the corner stone of an holistic indivisible self generating self empowered creativity … an unknown MAGNI FAE SENT simple way of LIFE



1,Fluxes collaborate with the Higher Dimensionals.
2.Fairies of the Realm are heralded.
3.Lemmings are halted from demise.
4.Singing commences.