A natural ecosystem is an ecosystem that occurs as it would without the influence of human beings. The term “ecosystem” refers to all of the plants, animals, fungi, protozoans, bacteria and other organisms that live in the same area. All of these distinct species share highly interconnected lives and, in many ways, function as one unit.


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Weaver bird nests

at Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve

Among the 350 species of birds found here at the Samburu National Reserve, one of the most industrious is the weaver bird. This species is so named for its intricately constructed nests that are woven from twigs, grasses and leaves. You can see the birds’ handiwork on this acacia tree, where nests hang like ornaments. Some weaver birds build elaborate nests that house hundreds of birds, with separate chambers for each pair, creating a natural apartment complex in the treetops.





Sharing with all of you what I discovered a few minutes ago, asking my Spirit DJs for guidance (divination by stichomancy, with my quite antiquated Merriam Webster dictionary),

“Who or what should I be paying attention to?”



1. Belonging to the constitution, nature, or essence, of a thing; independent of that which is contingent or acquired.

2. Anatomical. Included wholly within an organ or limb, as certain groups of muscles.

Synonyms. Real, genuine, true. — Intrinsic, inherent, essential.

That is intrinsic (opposed to extrinsic) which belongs to, or is a property of, a thing considered in itself as opposed to what is accidental or adventitious; that is inherent which subsists as a permanent or inalienable element or quality of a thing; that is essential which belongs to the very nature of a thing or is indispensable to its being what it is; as, symbols have both an extrinsic and intrinsic value; intrinsic worth, dignity; inherent qualities of the human mind; an essential feature of a painting.

((((((( Giving a Big Spirit Hug to Father & Mother Nature & Our Family )))))))

That which is OF NATURE….is that which is always real, genuine, true — intrinsic, inherent, essential.

Nature is an inalienable element or quality….of us!

We belong to Nature.

Our TRUE, GENUINE, REAL inherent, intrinsic worth is as the children of Nature.

While we are in these forms, living temporal temporary lives upon our planetary host and sister….the Earth…we are indispensable beings….

Sparks of Life’s Own Natural Essence.

We are each part of Nature BEING.

The Truth is found within.

We are found within Nature.

Nature is found within us.

With Nature, we have intrinsic worth and we have dignity.

I will pay attention to what is intrinsic.

I like that!