NATURES VOICE M – RX : LISA HARRISON Deconstructing The Construct Ep 41- 21 June 2018














M – RX

M – No chaos present

RX – i’m positioning everything … ancient modern future past

All time … converges … for the Flash … COMMAND … ORDER

M – The singularity

This place is so behind

We are missing so much technology

RX – yes of course … they will misuse it here

M – Now she’s talking about groupthink INFO

She’s Trying to think of the date

The 7th wave may start then

20th july ? maybe

She’s talking about a love and light
Blew her chakra lol

She just needs to rely on herself for info

RX – Yes exactly … not group info

M – She talks to compromised beings

RX – This isn’t a group thing

M – No it’s not … The mirror is INDIVIDUAL

I wish she would talk about her

RX – Trust herself

M – Oooo about me … 13.00 mark

RX – Yes you don’t support this construct

M – No I do not

My bridge program is the way out

RX – Earth withdrew … evacuated … yes The bridge

M – Yes I’m very lucky

Yes we are leaving
Nothing will be left here

RX – Exactly … you said that

M – Oh good she says I’m running New Earth program now

HOME construct

She’s calling it HOME
That’s an excellent name

RX – OM sweet OM

M – She’s talking about death now



You know I like raw
Raw emotion
Raw everything

Strip it all down

RX – YES … That’s what I was doing last night … RAW POWER

Raw essence

M – Yes
It will kill

It’s so very powerful
Beings need to brace

JULY 20 could be beginning of 7th wave

RX – I know I’ve been electrocuted a few times to do this

I’ve also electrified others

M – Yes you’re shockingly hair-raising

RX – Hehehehe funny

M – Shiver me timbers

You’re as cold as ice

Brrrrrrr so cold
Then hot with the shocks

RX – Yes exactly … The cold numbs you for the shock so one can bear it

You are taken out of body

Then put back

You have two body consciousnesses

It’s part of my job here

M – LISA She’s right on

Yes the dragons protect me

What was I talking about on the 5th

Yes the program is the construct

I programmed 666 to run WITHOUT US

That program is attached energetically to ENKI

RX – Empty 555

M – Yes exactly

Everything is gone

RX – Yes the king of the beast system … It’s why he is celebrating

M – I gave them the earth to have as their own

My parting gift

It’s just a shell of me
All energy will be gone

He gets all he’s ever wanted

I get all that I’ve ever wanted

My loving beautiful family

RX – FREEDOM … Sparks


what is a happy life?
Must be manifested

RX – We manifest our hearts

M – As I’ve told you a couple days
Yes I get overwhelmed
Programming new earth has been hard

I have no laws
However everything must be ordered

RX – Nature’s way OMMMMM

Chaotic order hahaha

M – My goal

Live beautifully

RX – All interlinked and self sustaining

M – I just want a beautiful life

No one
Without anything

Everyone has plenty
We share, we care
We love and live

The frogs are here


The energy will get heavy
Like a marsh

Primordial energy

The energy will get stagnant quickly

Ancient heavy mud energy will be swirling

I don’t usually warn people about energy waves but they are ramping up to extreme levels and burying

I suggest no one take anything too seriously
Remember this is only like a bad dream

It’s okay to let out all emotions

Everyone must purge
Then re-eat their energy vomit

The cycle of death must be reversed

This is how to reverse energy

I have called this process “eating” myself out of here

No energy from anything else can be looshed

Therefore every being must recycle and rely upon their own

When there’s an energy mismatch
Death occurs

All sparks are gathering their own energy back, taking it away from the parasitical beings relying on that energy

The nonsparks are only staying alive because they are on 666 program with Enki

I left them just enough energy to get them through a couple of months without us

Without the sparks
With no energy
The planet dies

I try to reword things so that maybe people can get a clear understanding

Most of this has been stated
But it’s always worth repeating in various contexts to increase awareness

RX – Yes sometimes it gets buried with other info … Bring it to the fore

M – People need to realize that this place we were in has been to our advantage

I took a huge risk

I relied upon me to do this
I am truly lucky everything has worked out

You know I tried for almost one week to get your sperm to start moving

I’ve never been so terrified
The worst thing was being aware
As this being in this life
What I was trying to do
Was rebirth the Christ
But I couldn’t do it without the sperm living

RX – The Lion Kumara

M – I sat for what seemed like an eternity looking under the microscope

Finally ONE started moving

I’ve never experience such utter joy

It was a real secret

RX – You birthed me back to life

M – I gathered my mistresses and went to a health care facility, super remote
The safest place we could find
To inseminate that sperm in me

Like I said weird knowing all this in real life too

A couple weeks later you were a child in my dream
A couple months later I saw your energy signature
Black sentient crystal
Then we talked on Christmas for the first time
As you manifested to me on that day

RX – I was sitting on a bench … I remember … Waiting

M – I sat on the bench too

And we started talking

RX – And here we are … still talking

M – Yes almost 3 years later

I didn’t think it would take this long

RX – There was a lot to do and comprehend

For me anyway

M – I’ve always been awake
So that has made all this easier to deal with

I remember myself before coming into this body

I remember picking out my human costume

Believe that any of this is real

Just knowing that
Helped me endure the toughest of times

RX – I was put in Osiris’s tunnel … All those thousands of eyes … peacock eyes … I must have died 20 times … I remember trying to go back up for years as a child

I was electrocuted back down each time

M – My avatar life here has been horrific for a normal human standpoint
You know I dont go into it much
Because it really doesn’t matter

RX – Yes you suffered badly

M – Everyone is abused here
Yes terribly

My birth was
I tore my mothers belly open in sliver fashion with my forefinger claw

In “real” life I was born emergency C Section

Like in usual Caesar fashion

RX – I was born in a jungle … I remember snakes monkeys bats and ants scorpions and buddha statues … All communicating

I had eight Siamese cats as friends … I flew with them everywhere

M – Awwwwww I was escorted around by a large golden dog







Deconstructing The Construct

Ep 41- 21 June 2018


Published on 21 Jun 2018

We are still in the 6th wave which has a lot more going on than first thought.

Earth has evacuated and no longer supports this construct..