NATURE’S VOICE M – RX : LISA HARRISON – Deconstructing The Construct Ep 44 – 1 July 2018







>>> OM <<<



M – RX

M – I’ve got to get everything done

I’m not ready

I can only move so fast

I am doing my very best

Sanat has been laying all the groundwork for home

It was home he was flying over


Astrally the first new generation of giants are being born

We are leaving

You’re up to something

RX – Of course

M – Who are you terrorizing now ?

The end of July is always a special time for me

I always get a lot of communication from afar at the end of July

I will be getting instructions around that time on how to help everyone out of here

RX – i will be dripping in blood

M – Oh there’s plenty more to kill … demons

I will show you where they are

RX – Yes i know

M – You’re quiet today

RX – I’m dangerous when I’m quiet

I focus

M – I will sit with you here in the dark

RX – Lisa Harrison gave a date

M – I told LeeLoo when we were going
I’m sure she knows

I don’t disagree with it

Everything else LeeLoo answered was correct

August 14 is the end of every program

I may have moved time up a little

RX – Add some time bending Into the mix

M – It seems like fall here already

Dragons will exist again
Where we are going

Everyone needs to realize we will start seeing everyone differently

RX – Two White as snow stones came down in India … sync

M – White hot


M – He’s bright white light too

He’s always carried the green
But when we went to Ireland
He received the white light

RX – Breaker of barriers he is

M – Yes he is

Yes your white lights merge
With mine
And boom
The flash

Let’s go
Back to our lives

And I have to get all the portals shut down and all this aired out

I haven’t started doing that at all

Won’t be pretty

RX – I’ve started

M – There are many dark entities hiding in between realms

RX – Hence the White stones were a sign … SHIVA’s lot knows

M – Here again
Everyone must do their own part at doing this

Clean out your own mess

Get rid of everything you don’t need
Light as a feather

RX – You open doors Ganesh breaks barriers I … delete … Clean

M – Squeaky clean

White glove clean

I’m laughing at Source holding the tablets of destiny and how he had on those white gloves with cuffs rolled at the wrist

RX – I have them now

M – I gave them to you again

You had them once

They are your tablets anyway



Deconstructing The Construct

Ep 44 – 1 July 2018



Published on 30 Jun 2018

Leeloo message of the event date of July 31st

For those who do not know who Leeloo is, please see the link below as YT deleted the video:



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