NATURE’S VOICE M – RX : LEARNING NEW THINGS MEANS HOW TO CREATE … Repeating Radio Signals From Another Galaxy










M – I’ve been very busy to the point of chaotic


M – Yes

I have no time

Primordial chaos

The frog

RX – He’s everywhere

M – As it was in the beginning

Slime and primordial foam

RX – Going back to original intent

Then we merge

A new beginning

M – Yes exactly

RX – Theres two deaths

Two fires of purification

First us then for the others later

M – Yes at the end

Nature has volunteered to stay till the end

Trees and plants

They will get released and freed at the end

RX – Amazing the book of the dead is similar to revelations

M – It’s because it is our material

But it’s been mistranslated

RX – We mentioned KEK in 2017 … now Qanon mentions him

M – That’s why people are all up in the air now

RX – i am KEK

M – Their JESUS is not THEIRS

RX – Thats right

M –  Father like son

RX – How many jesus’s are there

M – Copied? Many

RX – There’s only one energy though

M – I used yours to anoint Sanat

I will never forget how energy sick I was

My body had a very hard time coping with all that Christ energy

You gave me the Golden spark

I had a long conversation with one of my advisors last night

You Richard have to merge

You want your energy back … and he wants his

Your green stones merge

RX – Then I’ve got what i came for … what was stolen

My merge knew … it went on for two nights

M – I’ve seen him

You both merge into one

The vision

Is the same man

I always see the same man

I only know what you look like

When I was little

I called you my brother

With a big tan dog

Whoever you were

I knew you still cared

We were always together

But never together

I couldn’t figure it out

I couldn’t get your energy signature in this dimension

RX – Yes I don’t exist in heaven’s I.D. books

M – It’s what you do

That Thang you do


It’s funny

It’s raw

It’s primal

When we all merge we will be busy traveling or doing what we want

We will go to your mansion

Meet and greet and eat

Spend lots of time together

As Isis and Osiris

We never had that chance

Create together

One step at a time

Simple life

Everyone can travel on the CC ad lib

Then every spark will eventually be ready to learn new things

Learning new things

Means how to create

RX – i love learning … I have so much to learn

M – At first everything will be simple

Just make connections

And have fun

No hurry to do anything

There will be no time

And that’s that

We will be leaving anytime

There’s no reason to stay

RX – Yes agree … no reason





500,000,000 Stronger Than Sun

Repeating Radio Signals From Another Galaxy,

500,000,000 Stronger Than Sun, Disclosure?


Leak Project

Published on 11 Aug 2018
Evidence for ET, Type III Civilization, Repeating Signals FRB’s Up to 500 Million TImes the Energy of the Sun, Latest



Scottish wildcat (Felis sylvestris grampia) peering around tree, Scotland.