Unified Fields

Ankh, many meanings, one that needs to be explained now is that the Ankh represents DNA, the ancient DNA passed down by the female through her womb which no one speaks about but today we do.

The Junk DNA or the hidden DNA or the ancient DNA, this DNA is now being awakened due to the light vibrational frequencies of the Aquarius waves.

Cymatics means wave, wave vibrations and how they interact with (phenomena), now when your dealing with DNA, Western Science will say that 98% of all human DNA is locked.

There are only two types of HuMims, metallic and silicone.

Genes, DNA is contained inside genes and genes are contained inside germs and contained inside the germs is the genes, so if I spat on the ground I give you my germs, contained within the germs is the genes and within the genes is information inside the information is stored the DNA.

What they failed to tell you is that genes are different sizes, different weights, they have different amounts of base pairs on the DNA ladders, base pairs contain different information at different points on the DNA ladder, different genes have different amounts of base pairs, some have 20, some have 2million and some have 10billion, different genes have different genetic sequence and codes, there are so many different variations to the HuMim.

The metallic 999 have a set of DNA codes, they have 64, out of 64 only 24 are unlocked, now why is this important.

When you look at pictures of the Sun on the KHMT walls, if you look at the rays of light, there is always a ANKH at the end of each ray-light and is hitting the pineal gland, this is not coincidence, if the ANKH was only symbolic to the womb then why did they put a ANKH at the end of each piece of sunlight, because the ANKH represents the ancient DNA that would activate once we came into a certain spectrum of light, Aquarius.

Now the KHMT documented NIBIRU but they called NIBIRU the destroyer, NI.BIRU is the Sumerian name, they wrote the figure for when the destroyer would be coming into contact with Ki, and us, and today we see that NI.BIRU is here, they wrote that certain things on Ki would be destroyed but also the frequency of the planet would be raised.
Now to match this and the ANKH DNA shows that the ancestors had an inner-standing of an event that would take place in the future with their up and coming generations which would be you.

They knew this DNA would be awakened, when you study Cymatics you study how light operates has it comes into contact with genetics in the biological aspects of a person, this field is called Biogenetics, comes straight after Biology, how energy interacts with Biology.

So when you study Biogenetics with Cymatics we learn that different spectrums of light, genes can go to sleep outside of a spectrum of light, just like how in the winter time, plants become dormant outside a spectrum of light, the Aquarius waves is giving us a certain spectrum of light to the point of where 98% of our DNA which they call junk DNA and the 24 colons out of 64 that we have unlocked, the remaining 40 is becoming awakened because we are being awakened because we are being touched by a spectrum of light that is poWRA-full enough to awakened these genes, this is what the orcs are afraid of.

Hence all the vaccines, they are deleting the information out of your DNA codes, so once the sunlight hits you there’s nothing there to be activated.

The ANKH is the key to DNA, not just the womb, the key to the reproduction of (Gods), DNA is also created by the sun, not for all, Oxidised Ironades, Bio-Nuclear DNA which is an apart of DNA and Oxygen.

They are walking individual strands of the soular systems DNA, DNA comes from sunlight, we are made up of billions of years of exploded suns, research and see, billions and trillions of stardust and carbon, when suns explode they give off genes as well, you get your genes from the sun, research it.

The sun also creates procatarctic cells which are vibrated into existence, and in these sequence this is where you get your key traits and physical compositional ingredients to be who you are has well as your information hence why the ANKH is shaped like a key, when you deal with the ancestors and KHMT they are always holding the ANKH like a key and when you look at any key today that goes in a door the back of it is always shaped like a ANKH, this is not by example because the ANKH is symbolic to the keys that is stored within our DNA that can only be unlocked by sunlight, sun-light, son-light, sone-light, sone, sound-light.

This is why the ancestors called you Children of the Sun, know who you really are.

If you are a child of the sun that means the sun is your parent, and when a parent gives birth, the parent passes down genes, the ancestors overstood that the sun created procatarctic cells and they overstood that the sun created genes and that we are made up of billions years old of stardust from exploded suns to which we have the compositions of those genes into which those genes where activated dependent on which zodiac house we were in and the frequency of that individual star system and sun for that period to activate those genes, the wombman is the portal of life and is the physical manifestation of the creator and through her is how we got our genes which are the keys to which we are to become.

When you study Neuro science and how it interacts with your genetic make-up you actually create genes, yes genes are past down, but that is not the only way, right now you can actually think of how you want to look and how you want to be physically formulated and off that thought causes a reaction in your DNA to produce those thoughts, you have those thoughts and your child will come out with those traits, your thoughts will create your manifestation.

Genetics is the key to building the physical module that we call a HuMim, just like Atoms build elements, genes build people, the West knows this, this is why they splice, genetic engineer, this is how they can take a lion and tiger and make a liger, take all these fruits and make hybrid foods, because they understand the science of the ancestors, understand because they still don’t innerstand, if you want to construct an organism you must first gain control of the genes of the genetic structure aka the DNA of that organism.

There is DNA stored inside the metallic race, that is why they are the Children of the Sun, wave vibrations and how they cause affects on your body, innerstand the sun is the highest level of vibration and emits the highest velocity of waves which interact with any living and non-living,

The keys are within the metallic race, 24 out of 64 of their DNA codes have been unlocked and the other 40 by this frequency of light also that 98% (junk DNA) is also being unlocked.

Now you know why they are being harvested by the orcs for the orcs survival, extracting organs and selling them, because they hold the keys to the cosmos, when you have a child and the mother gives the child DNA, the child in-turn formulates new DNA and gives it back to her, genetic material stores in the DNA, they are the gatekeepers of the Cosmos.

The reason you need to be on a Alkaline diet is that the electrical currents of the Cymatics of the frequency of the sun can more on an easier scale, circumnavigate through your Neurological system, and your Nervous system to help awaken your DNA, if you’re in a acidotic state or you’re eating meat or low vibration, if there is too much mucus, too much blockages within the body, the Chakra system, that hinders the Cymatic frequency from circumnavigating through your nervous system and awakening the DNA, you need a good diet, this is why the Ph scale >> Ph means potential of hydrogen << 70% to 85% of your body is made of hydrogen which is water.

Ph is potential of hydrogen, that is why it goes from red to purple aka the colours of the chakra light system because the food that you eat, dependent upon its numerical value on a Ph scale tells you which level you are existing in aka which frequency you are vibrating at, hence Al-ka-line, you always see Alkaline at 7 and 14 or near the green and the purple because its letting you know that your vibrating in your higher self and helps you digest the electromagnetics of the sun, Mela9 absorbs the entire spectrum of the sun, this is very important in activating the DNA, diet or your as8 will get left behind and be destroyed and suffer the fate of your fellow Hu-man.

Raise your vibrations, we are in the Aquarius waves, NI.BIRU is here and its about to go down, eye don’t innerstand if you think this sh8t is not happening, that FEMA, Marshal Law is a joke, the joke will be on you, restore yourself back to the throne, because no-one else will do it for you.