Dare eye say that the dimensional shift has commenced, Greece in the Ionian Sea, around 8PM, last night began the onslaught that is to consume Ki.

12 earthquakes felt by 9 countries, 234hz per hundredth of a second is on the horizon, the sun slips in closer.

The frequency is rising, Ki’s (Schumann) is spiking out, the resonance of Ki is rising, earthquakes are occurring, nature is in full-throttle when she goes like this, is nature a weekend girl, she likes for us to have a full week, then at the weekend she puts on her lip-gloss and tiara and BOOOOM.

Nature took that stroll around the planet with the ancestors and saw the amount of energy (people) that are missing and then they saw all these new people and she tied her hair-up in amazement and said wtf is this monkey sh8t, no she said wtf is this Mickey Mouse sh8t.

Time when you spell backwards spells emit, what destroys time, the emission of frequencies and vibrations is what destroys time, the back part of time is emitting, you have awakened, nature has awakened, we along with nature are emitting massive levels of frequencies and vibrations which is causing us to emit an aura of energy everywhere, so because this aura is being emitted, the vibrations and frequencies will get even higher, so time will no-longer exists, especially when all these planetary bodies, which are right there make day into night, no beginning of days, no ending of nights, one light, day-light, the Moon is already emitting massive amounts of energy also.

Orcs are hurting, they don’t know what to do, sh8t out of luck.
According to Biblical text, 400 years ends in the star-date of 2019, which is now right, because it’s a leap-year, their rule over us is over.

I been reading sum of the comments in forums, many are talking about flying, levitation, the Orcs left out levitation, flying in all their written works yet for a while many have been talking about flying, this is good to hear has it is becoming generic amongst the masses, especially the young.

We are shifting and coming into new energies, skill-sets are coming back, psychic abilities, yes you, don’t worry where it is coming from, you always had it, its returning to you like clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy and intuition+.
Your hearing, taste, touch and sight will all become heightened, these are not skill-sets for stupid things, you will use them especially for the art of war and peace.

The dimensional shift is restoring your poWRA, it is end times for them, the world does not end with us, it is with them, energy can never be destroyed, recycled, multiplied.

Each Ki-nd that awakens Ki increases, we are guiding in this change, we are guiding in NIBIRU has to when we are ready, we are guiding in when the poles are to move, when we hit that special number they will move when we do, you have the poWRA to make this outcome ours, on our terms with the Femi9 NrG right behind us.

Everything that you were taught that was not from the Universal Order, so, you are not going to remember the language you speak now, the history that you know, you will be reversed, meaning erase and rewind, your ancient knowledge [energy] is being returned to you.

Leave many where they are, when they get to the desired frequency they will have no choice but to shift, nature does not destroy her own, we do that, nothing during this transition should hurt, if it does, you is in trouble, no one speaks to you in English, it is pure 3rd eye all the way.

We will hit 234hz per hundredth of a second and then continue to rise, sh9t is on the way when this takes place, the electromagnetic energy is going to be so high, gamma-plasma-photon energy will be off the cuff, our heart is going to be throbbing, all those, gamma-plasma-photon energy will be happening simultaneously.
12 earthquakes in total, M7 in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece, then the 11 all Greece, last-night making it 12 out of a total 23 for Ki.

M7 Ionian Sea Greece
M6, M5, M5, M5, M5, M5, M5, M5, M5, M5, M5.

The M7 earthquake was felt in 9 countries and serves has a warning, Greece, Malta, Libya, Italy, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

That is a warning, Europe has never had figures like that, do-do in pants time, for a relatively quiet geographical region to 12 M-Class quakes in one evening means, sumbody in real trouble.

Good things come to those who wait, bad things come to those who hate.

All poWRA to the multi-Chakra people, you are going to need it.

Femi9 NrG Inferior conjunction from Venus 26.10.18, in other words, Venus is passing almost directly between Ki and the Re, poWRA 13UP.