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Quick Silver

Earthquake unrest spreads quickly, multiple M6+ strike, 5 in a row across the Pacific, now that’s specific.
Loads of quakes taking place but not being recorded, all that oil extraction is going to pay you back, Ki’s blood was to lubricate the plates, now the (earthquakes) are going to be strong and ruthless.




Wish you were here

Fierce storms batter the north of Tenerife and other parts of Canary Islands, water is piling up, Ki is tilting yet again.

All the Ki[earth] events are huge but we do have a larger event to take place whereby the world takes notice.

What is your worst-case scenario given what’s taken place already, Solomon Islands gone, M9 earthquake, untold areas washed out, fired out, sinkholed out, volcanoed out, power outages, infrastructure compromised, train derailments, emergency plane-helicopters landing, the list goes on to the point that your almost use to it.

So, mother nature has two sleeves, she rolled one up and has one eyebrow raised, she is about to roll up her other sleeve and unleash sumthing creative, you know, sumthing that you would take notice of.
Fiji spoke up a couple days ago, that area feels like the starting point for one noticeable M+ earthquake, whatever it is the Red Dragon will change the kodes and slow down the light in that moment.

Water levels are getting higher over by the geographical area new the Canary Islands, given the other areas also holding water Ki is on the cusp of a flip mode D, Dimensional shift, physically and mentally.

The seabed is cracked wide open, water coming in on itself, Japan springs to mind with the devastating manmade nuclear waste, over 6 years’ worth of waste, seabed spitting is for other reasons.

These are all significant changes daily but one knows we have a mouth open event on the horizon.

When it comes don’t say oh-god.

Look how close everyone is, image, taking pictures, just a normal day, Tenerife, just a clue of what is coming for coastal cities.





Talk to people at the level they are at now, instead of talking to them at the level they will be at.

Sum people are spiritual and sum are not, sum are spiritual without even knowing, sum are just asleep, docile, impressionable, controllable, we are different beings.
We are go through sumthing, we might have similarities, we might have differences but there is always a pro and a con and again similarities to everything that we do hence the Law of Oneness, Universal Law.

Lets go with Lov9, people go through different things, sumone may have been cheated on, break-ups without no make-ups, your friends are not quite friends >> now when you talk to these people, you need to do this, you need to do that >> they are not going to get it because that is the level that they are at, when they finally come to a self-realisation that they need to make a change, they need to stop hanging around these people or why am I attracting this type of energy, you see they haven’t even gotten these thoughts yet because they haven’t levelled up yet.

Unconscious level that might be out of purgatory state level which is the same thing as crossroads, they might be lost, you have to talk to them at the level that they are at now, not you have to do this and do that, it’s like being bilingual on a spiritual level to different people from different backgrounds, me I can talk and hold with anyone from anywhere in this world, woman or man, young or old, cultured or not, well-verse or rehearsed, whatever you is.

If those are asleep they might not innerstand what your saying until 5months later or when the penny drops they get it, sumtimes you can see the path that they are on, the universe can see what path they have chosen and its at that point you have to let them walk no matter who they are to you, you may have even been down that road, but hold up, how did you learn, you learnt by walking down that road, best you talk to people on the level that they are at.

Its like therapy, sum practitioners will allow the user to talk and find the answer within themselves or you listen and hear, then they say the answer, they answer themselves, but does it register.

Higher level requires higher level engagement, when men get nervous, they write lol and failing that they laugh nervously, different levels requires different approaches, like don’t engage, them him or her find their way or sow a mental seed and watch it spout, they will come back to you and say so or never tell you, but want you in their life.

Be smart but play dumb, this technique is for you to use when your around dumb people, your very smart and intelligent but around many you have to fit in and keep quiet, you have people out here who have alternative motives so you have to be dumb to be smart, you watch them watching you but they don’t know you are watching them all the way.

I have a Masters in Psychology >> do you >> no I don’t << how can you have a degree in Psychology when Psychology cannot be taught.

Psychology, what is the root word Psyche, what is Psyche, Psyche is the Mind [Khu], Psychology is sumthing that you are born with, you will always be a Master of Psychology.

What is your Perception and intelligence like, because Psychology and Perception and intelligence coexist.

Body language, do you see people in their body language, how about frequencies can you detect frequencies, can you recognise real, they say real recognises real, that is Psychology, you are born with it, you either have it or you don’t, can you look in the eye and see this person, your perception skills are high.

When you drive can you tell what the other driver is going to do, you can tell the way in which she or he is driving the type of driver they are, this is the Psyche.

You live and you learn, your Psychology Khu you had from day dot, this part of your genetic make-up is yours, play dumb in situations, make them feel smarter while inside you get a 5min to give them a evaluation, is your time worth the effort, will they remain dumb if I engage with them, read them thoroughly.

Your name is in their mouth, they are thinking about you, so that means you must be doing sumthing right.

Don’t let them get the best of you, just get the revenue, never let anyone talk you out of your position, especially with words.
This is a swear-free post.

Many of you are sensitive to energy.
Its an energy grid, you me, him, her, HuMims [Humans] are energy grids, we are light-beings, not that commercial light-begins that they talk about, we are walking energy pillars [Djed], the Atoms came together to make the vessel to house the energy.
[666][9] equals Humim, that is Karbon [9], that is Greek word Melanin, [God] is water, if you didn’t drink you would die and you couldn’t create, [God] is air, no air and you couldn’t breathe you couldn’t create, that is Nature that is [God], the [Devil] is not one person, he or she is not that strong and has to work through people, he or she works with dead energy.

Certain cities there are energy grids, that is why certain cities get attack the way they do, certain energy that that city puts out will come back stronger, for example Atlanta [capital of Atlantis 2018] and Chicago and basically sister cities, many people don’t know this, Atlantis Hawks, which deity is that, the Hawk, oh yeah Heru [Haru], that is why Atlanta is so powra-ful, all the trends came out of Atlanta and Chicago first, now you know why, their downfall is that the two don’t work together.

Atlanta as a big electric grid out there, when your walking down the street or energy based grids, when you get a chill up that spine, that is the Kundalini energy, you just walked through an energy grid, an energy portal, if you’re a jealous person or have hate you walk through that portal you walked through into a demonic portal because that is where your energy is at, if you are sensitive to energies know what your environment is, that negative portal will let you see, killing, hatred, other jealousy acts, I walk through that same portal, I will see people smiling, love, how you doing, what you put out, you will get back, watch what you say and do, yes you are in HuMim form but you are still very much powra-ful.

Do not forget how powraful manifestation is.