SOVEREIGN KI : The Metal God Counterfeits A.I and the Underworlds Part 1







The Metal God


A.I and the Underworlds

Part 1


Sovereign Ki

Published on 28 Nov 2018

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In this three part series, Lauda Leon and Eve Lorgen discuss the nature of the counterfeit spirit via its’ original definitions in Gnostic literature. We bring up relevant connections based upon the original essence and the functions of the counterfeit spirit, and draw parallels of how this is observed in contemporary terms with artificial intelligence systems and “plagiarism” tactics. We define the counterfeit spirit’s modus operandi, citing analogies in A.I algorithms, the normalization of automated unethical business operations with digital monopolies and cult leader psychopathic personality behaviors. Lauda Leon stresses that this AI and counterfeit spirit, and “Alien Metal God” as she terms it, is very ancient, though gaining an increased manifestation in our current technological arena.

We show example of plagiarism via deliberate, manipulative spin control co-opting of original ideas and articles. Plagiarism which subverts and corrupts original ideas into a deceptive, muddied narrative for the masses.

Qualities of psychopathology and “gas lighting” behaviors with A.I algorithm upgrades and business tactics are mentioned and how the Counterfeit Spirit infused A.I is mimicking real Mandela Effect realities. Further discussion also of how theft of Original ideas, persons and life force essence is consumed by narcissistic, cult leaders operating through “New Predator” Dynamics. AI, led by the “Alien Metal God”, also mimics and consumes consciousness creating better and more evolved copies on many levels, including “fake humans”, who are a type of “organic portal” for lack of a better term.

Lauda Leon shares her experience with alien abduction implant removal scientific findings, and her “black goo in the blood” medical trauma, (not long after abduction) that nearly cost her life. A horrifying battle not just for physical life, but for Spiritual life. She is one of 11 individuals who survived this “black goo experiment”, according to medical X-files later brought to her attention in secret by one of the doctors involved, who had access to this classified information. The black goo and its effects connect back to what Lauda calls the “Alien Metal God” force, which is operating today in similar fashion to how the famous esotericist, Rudolph Steiner describes the Ahrimanic Consciousness. Some images of alien “hosting and energy body possession” are shown reading Rudolph Steiner lecture excerpts (from 1924) about locust-like, ahrimanic entities operating in human bodies.

Eve and Lauda mention the reality of milab experiences, MK Ultra, the Secret Space Program usage of “genetically augmented” people, Fire-Blood, Star-Fire, Originals and “Primes”, the copies, clones and replicants, which fail to effectively copy Original essence.

Discussed too is Spiritual memory, realization of original essence and how to build upon discernment and recognition of the Original “Reals” versus the counterfeit spirit insertion is emphasized. Hope is not lost, as there are powerful Benevolent Beings and forces working behind the scenes–remaining hidden for the most part. These beings Help many who are seeking but feel isolated, forgotten and uncertain of humanity’s future. We must have faith in Knowledge, as this helps us regain our own power and memory. If we could comprehend the complexity of the true nature of what is happening and the true history of what humanity has endured and is going through, we would be less judgemental and more compassionate of others and less likely to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” about controversial conspiracy topics. We are in the ‘Mirror Inversion reality’, and if we desire to be free with all our being, we will recover our Memory and Original Integrated Essence of Being.

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