Keep in mind many are dealing with the physical and not the spiritual.
The mainstream humims [humans] are focused on NIBIRU and crew, they are focused on the other crafts, fleets and armadas that continue to assemble that is physical.

And >> what after that, so, NIBIRU has been emitting a pulse since 2012 that you tune into, NIBIRU are not here to save the day, you all have a choice, stay with the illusion or go with the conscious.

NIBIRU is etching their way into the mainstream eye, don’t spend your NrG explaining what, when and how once your mother asks you about this monkey sh9t, if you do so, you will be brought back to ground Zer0 by burning out your energy, play dumb.

The spiritual-world [Kaa-world] is right behind NIBIRU, right behind the Sun, it is holographic in nature, binary kodes exist within the computer Kode that NIBIRU is and has broken down, they are master-kode breakers for they hold the master-key9.

Do not allow the ancestors to fade away, you must keep the bridge between them and you, you and them, connect to the server for calibration, clarity, confidence, control.

There is a craft that is becoming a pattern, when they are around they set the sun off, means that we have another event due next 48-72hr, watch this space, I mean watch your space.






Essential interior
Central Eye

You are spiritual-beings have a HuMim experience, so with that in mind, your spirit can connect through the gateway to the Kaa-world, you’re in this realm but we are not really HuMims.

There are spirits all around us, trees are spirits, they spiral in a 6 or a 9, 9 means spiralling up and 6 means spiralling down, spiralling down does not mean it’s a negative thing, sum people are a life-path 33, 3+3=6.

So, using your mind to connect with the spirits, you do this all the time unconsciously, when you sleep and have dreams [visions], and you see people that you know in your dreams or you get messages in your dreams without sum of you even knowing that these are messages, your dreams are telling you what is going to happen in the future, but many are unaware, unconscious, may don’t pay no mind to them.

When your conscious, spiritually awakened things happen to you a lot quicker to you and many do not know this.

The universe is holding you accountable when you know things and are aware, when you know better, you do better, messages come to you more easily, premium spiritual account, that’s what it is, the universe is looking at you to decode the dreams [visions], your getting these messages ahead of time, if you don’t register or acknowledge or decipher what the kode is you will miss the message.

When it happens, you either miss out or it’s a shock to your system, you have to use your mind has the spiritual gateway.

When you spiritually conscious and you connect with these visions [dreams] and are connecting with different spirits, whether you are aware or not you are connecting with this world and with the spirits, negative spirits exists and can be a reason for nightmares, sleep paralysis is demonic attacks, demons are spirits, negative spirits, there is good and bad spirits, fallen angels and demons, two different things but both under the same sub-division group.

So, use your Khu [mind] this is the spiritual gateway, the most advanced computer on this planet, everything in the world is modelled on the humim-body and after the humim-mind aka the brain.

If you take a car [kaa], that is modelled on the humim body, the shell is the humim vessel, the inside of a car and you driving the car that represents your Kaa and Baa operating the car aka you operating the body, the tires are legs, the headlights are eyes, engine is the brain and the motor the heart, hence why they called the car a car, ka.

The computer is modelled after the humim brain, computers malfunction, so does the humim brain simply because it’s a physical manifestation of the Baa-conscious, so when you have a physical manifestation there are going to be kinks in the system because its in the 3rd dimension and the 3rd dimension is a post-apocalyptic world that doesn’t look apocalyptic because its under an illusion, its under mind-control, so anything that manifests in the 3rd dimension is going to have kinks.

Entities want to know about the soul, how do humims have souls, watch yourself out here, use your mind has a spiritual gateway, so when you dream, you can connect to anybody in the world, same like when you make eye contact with anyone, your pretty much connected with them after that whether you know each other or not, eye contact, your soul just met their soul, when you embrace, you just took their energy and they just took yours, taking sumone else energy when they are low means you took theirs, you will age a lot faster because of this, you still have their negative energy.

When you make eye contact with sumone and you never spoke and you dream about this person, not talking about attraction, but you dream about that person, there is a message in there, you need to be able to decipher that.

Premium spiritual account means you can connect with anyone, plants and the animal kingdoms, stay in mediation and stay in-tuned.













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Published on 3 Dec 2018