MICHELLE A : Our ancestors are still awaiting our arrival





I was encouraged to bring attention to this post.

Don’t lose your focus on the good life you want to lead.

Our ancestors are still awaiting our arrival.

We are winners and our merge will be wonderful.




Raising the Vibration

Is Everyone’s Responsibility







Rock Steady

Many laid down forever and formed mountains, many became a bridge between this world and theirs, they solidified [body] the land.











Hi Richard,

Male Relative has a good message to share with everyone today.

He was told in no uncertain terms the other side is getting frustrated at people not focusing and getting there.

They want to merge all of their former selves together.

They have been waiting for over 26,000 years (some tell him).

Hope this helps get the message out and may resonate with someone new.

Sending love to you and yours,



Raising the Vibration

Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Male Relative was called for instruction from the Other Side.

He was being fussed at by the person there.

He was told they are anxiously awaiting our arrival.

They want us to get to the New (Old) Earth for the Merge.

They do not want the Fears, living and non, on the New Earth.

They have been fighting to keep them away but they are like cockroaches.

If we don’t get there, since Nature abhors a vacuum, THEY will try to infiltrate and have already started.

The message was for all people to STOP being bound by this construct.

The ‘stop’ was emphasized.

The people who promote just going outside and playing in Nature aren’t getting the message.

We must TUNE IN to it.

You can’t embrace the natural experience in a city by looking at it.

You have to embrace the natural elements, they are in there.

Ignore the tech and escape the electro-magnetic fog (stuff caused from all electronic devices).

The saying “We are all related” means ALL.

Everything can communicate so open your eyes, heart and mind to connect.

Then the person showed him what the higher vibration, ascension, looks like.

He said it looked like glistening bright rainbow colors in the sky.

He showed Male Relative how it works outside of the construct.

He clapped and the scene collapsed into a rainbow-colored orb about the size of the old pink rubber balls.

That is when he also showed what happens with the Fears and black gunk.

He said it looked like a drop of ink in water as it flowed around.

He dropped the orb and a dark portal opened.

The person guiding him allowed him to look inside.

There he saw a broken dark Earth.

It burst into dark fire, he explained it was fire but it was black, and then it created a new black sun.

This is what will happen if they are allowed to take over.

Then was then shown the New Earth as it is now.

It looked to him like the end of winter into spring, half dead and half alive.

He saw Fears trying to establish a colony there to stake a claim and keep the construct intact.

That is THEIR intent.

They are going to attempt to hijack the progress in our getting to the New Earth.

Our job is to increase our vibration.

Ascending refers our vibration and spirit not physically rising. It is our responsibility to do it.

No one can do it for us. Once we get there, the Fears will disappear forever.

Don’t get side-tracked and be ready for any trick or attack.

WE are stronger that they are…and they know it.

They are the joke and we are the punch line…to their arrogance.

I wish everyone good luck and sending positive thoughts for all.

~ Male Relative