Engrossed is

the bee of my mind

on the blue lotus feet

of my Divine Mother



Great Ancient Mother


The Magical, The Mystery, The Sanctity

The Ways, The Truths, The Callings, The Cries,

The Emergencies, The Wisdoms

Reaches Beyond The Veils, The Universes,

That Which We Have Yet To Know

I Hear You















We are Universal embryos in the planetary womb of the Divine Mother.

It is time to momentarily put ourselves in the shoes or position of a cosmic conqueror, head of a cosmic empire, and even play the part of a self-deluded god entity

If you are to approach a planetary population and you want to be their ruler and master, have full control over that domain and all the resources, how would you go about it?

The immature and irresponsible way to go about it is to put forces on the ground.

This eventually leads to a revolution, but it does not work over lons periods of time.

If you are to do it properly, then you find out everything you possibly can about that reality. You reach down into that reality as far as you can.

You dig and dig as deep as possible, study and learn till you get to the core foundational energetic pattern you can discover which sustains all life in that reality.

When the gods and their archons came here, it did not take them long to discover it was the Divine Feminine.

No other consciousness had the power, wisdom and ability to sustain such a diversity of life; a fractal of the Universe.

They then knew they had to do something about suppressing the Divine Feminine.

It goes like this; suppress the Feminine energies here on this planet, and you supress all life here.

Supress the Feminine, you supress Humanity.

Now you can see how this brings all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The way Woman has been treated over the past few millennia makes perfect sense; especially during The Inquisition of witches.

Is it not obvious how all the religious structures are a patriarchal system dominated by male figures?

It’s time to wake up and smell ‘The Pink Rose’.

This god entity fears the power of Woman more than anything because it is Woman who has the power of creating life.

He is absolutely terrified of Her! How pathetically convenient it was of the church and the priestly caste to call the walking incarnation of our Mother Earth a prostitute.

Is it not the priestly castes who say

“All the problems and troubles of men are caused by the evil of woman, and it is woman who has brought sin into this world”

This self-righteous god entity, his archons and his priestly caste come here to the planetary expression of the Divine Feminine and molest the spirit of Woman, this planet and her Humanity.

If that were not enough, they then blame her for it.

All of these treacheries were committed under the guise of a loving god.

If you look at the hierarchies of the priesthoods, it is clear to see there are no woman that hold high positions.

They glorify the Masculine and denigrate the Feminine.

Granted, some religions do hold a deity representing the Divine Feminine in high regard but regardless of this their hierarchies remain all men.

This hypocrisy speaks for itself, and the female deity they present is just a token gesture.

Take our ‘Universal Journey’ and the ‘Road to Compression’, this galaxy being the ‘Galactic Womb’ and this planet being the ‘Planetary Womb’ of the Divine Feminine.

Consider the essence of ‘Light’ and its dualistic nature.

If one does, then this whole scenario of a deceptive, duplicitous and malefic entity coming to this planet and trying everything in its power to stop the Divine Feminine from birthing ‘Universal Creators’, makes perfect sense.

Woman is the Keeper and Guardian of the hidden wisdom.

It had to be that way. This is why the campaigns over eras and epochs of all time have been designed to subdue, suppress and even wipe the wisdom of woman from our conscious awareness and to remove the innate connection woman has with the natural environment.

Woman understood the rhythms and cycles of nature on an intimate level and therefore how to live peacefully within them.

They naturally held the knowledge of the plant kingdom, for healing purposes and survival.

They were able to communicate with the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, the Diva kingdoms,Gaia, the Sun, and beyond.

It was with these natural abilities and knowledge that woman was able to guide their families, nurturing and caring for their wellbeing.

Due to the suppression of the Feminine by the patriarchal priestly caste, their religious ideology and their zealots down through the ages, including their modern day infrastructure of multinational conglomerates raping our Mother Earth for resources, gouging her body through deforestation, mining and underground atomic testing, woman has been systematically cut off from her natural state of being with only tiny fragments of memories surviving.

This has left many woman drained of her true vitality, resentful towards males, and in deep emotional pain that even she does not understand at the best of times!

What Mother Earth feels, woman feels in her physical body.

When she is experiencing tectonic pressure building up and earthquakes, magma flowing and volcanoes erupting, her magnetic fields fluctuating, atmospheric changes in weather patterns, many woman empathically feel it too.

The sensitivity to these phenomena affects woman through her cellular tissue of the body which takes the form of ear tones i.e. ringing, rumbling or diesel engine sounds, pains in joints, muscles and bones, headaches and often periods of debilitation and even skin rashes.

There is also emotional sensitivity, feeling wired and feeling drained, edgy, extra sensitive or depressed.

Due to these feelings, many woman have to withdraw from daily life and literally hibernate in intense pain transmuting massive amounts of energy; not only for our Mother Earth but her Humanity too.

These women are unsung heroes, never noticed for their service nor understood and often ridiculed as hypochondriacs; or being called some kind of psychic freak by those around them.

Their circumstances are not necessarily something they understand either.

They just know they are participating in something way bigger than themselves; but how do they put it into words without sounding deluded or in need of a psychiatrist?

Many remain silent and suffer in silence, feeling alone, misunderstood and worthless.

Some attempt relief through addictions.

The deep emotional pain that many woman carry surfaces and exposes itself through a plethora of emotions and guises. Her natural state is to express love and nurturing, after all she is the one with the power to create life.

Woman is the ‘giver’ and everyone else is the ‘taker’, not having the capacity to understand just how much of herself she truly gives to sustain their life.

There is little to no acknowledgement, let alone understanding of her noble role.

There are women with so much hate and resentment towards men, they eventually become just like the angry, resentful and controlling male archetype they despise so intensely.

Others go about their lives secretly wishing they were men, feeling cheated being born as a woman.

This has nothing to do with sexual orientation but everything to do with perceived power and respect automatically attributed to men purely because they were born with the “right” piece of anatomy!

Woman has to work damn hard in our patriarchal society to get even a glimpse of the respect and position men are accorded with naturally.

Along the way, she will be the subject of ridicule and dark humour, branded with many condescending names.

The truth is all woman embody the ‘Mother’ energy in all her facets, characteristics, qualities and aspects.

All are a fractal of ‘Her’, and the body of woman is made up of the same ratio of natural earth elements as the Earth herself.

Our Travelling Spirit comes through Woman, as ‘Mother’ is our creator, our nurturer and custodian for a few short years.

How many of us have forgotten the role she has played for us and continues to play every day?

We don’t give her a thought as we race around chasing our tails, never having enough hours in the day to cope with the demands of this synthetic lifestyle we live; far removed from our Earth Mother and her natural cycles.

The nurturing Mother energy is always there, providing what we need in order to survive moment to moment of each and every day.

How many of us stop and give thanks and gratitude to her for what she has given us, and for what we have.

I am talking about the air that you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the abode you live in, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, your favourite toys; even your body itself!

Whether consciously aware or not, acknowledged or not, everything you have, use and consume right now, comes from Mother Earth. You exist here because of her! She sustains you and she facilitates your life.

She asks nothing of you in return, but how many of you express gratitude to her?

Many so eagerly pray to a male god deity and give thanks to him – not ever mentioning Mother Earth nor giving her a moment in their thoughts.

But what did this masculine god, who solicits worship, ever do other than prey on your spiritual sovereignty?

So you see, what our Mother Earth feels towards us is like a mother being cut off from her children, and so because of the separation the pain she bears is incomprehensible.