. . Jose Escamilla . The SKYFISH Promo . Published on 21 Oct 2016 The JOSE ESCAMILLA film that will change everything you have known about the RODS. They are not insects, birds… Continue reading

Mother Ships in our Solar System : Living BEINGS that live OUT in Space

. . Living BEINGS that live OUT in Space . by J.L. Walson . . .

JOSE ESCAMILLA : They Live In The Skies

. A JOSE ESCAMILLA film – March 2014 Release on TBLNFilms.com PPV. This trailer is “minus” the incredible ROD footage taken at 2000 fps – in Super Slow Motion, which has not been… Continue reading

Extra Dimensional Creatures known as Rods

. An investigation into the purported existence of extra-dimensional atmospheric creatures known as Rods. “Rods” (sometimes known as “skyfish” or “solar entities”) is a term used in cryptozoology, ufology, and outdoor photography to… Continue reading


. JOSE ESCAMILLA . STARSHIPS ORBITING EARTH AND OUTER SPACE FILMED BY AMATEUR ASTRO-PHOTOGRAPHER . It’s premise is that there are enormous starships orbiting around earth, and that some are in high space… Continue reading