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. . Jose Escamilla . The SKYFISH Promo . Published on 21 Oct 2016 The JOSE ESCAMILLA film that will change everything you have known about the RODS. They are not insects, birds… Continue reading

JOSE ESCAMILLA : They Live In The Skies

. A JOSE ESCAMILLA film – March 2014 Release on TBLNFilms.com PPV. This trailer is “minus” the incredible ROD footage taken at 2000 fps – in Super Slow Motion, which has not been… Continue reading

Extra Dimensional Creatures known as Rods

. An investigation into the purported existence of extra-dimensional atmospheric creatures known as Rods. “Rods” (sometimes known as “skyfish” or “solar entities”) is a term used in cryptozoology, ufology, and outdoor photography to… Continue reading

‘Angel Hair’ Case Study Are Some UFO’s Living Creatures From Earth’s Upper Atmosphere?

. We have all seen the aerial images of unidentified white and dark orbs darting about, of jellyfish-like structures, rods, tubes, cylinders… call them what you may, with some of these shapes apparently… Continue reading