M MOTHER UPDATE : I am my own person. I make my own decisions.





A description is a description. They don’t look like the Sumerian tablets! They look they the Mayan pictoglyphs

Anu  Enki and ENLIL are my family here. I was the only female brought here, taken from my beautiful ocean home.

I am a Nommo and so is Enki. We are warm blooded creatures, like mermen, walruses, or whales.

We are mammals

I was only shown what they look like. Source did not explain family dynamics

I refuse to rely on any information from this earth

I shouldn’t have to answer for my family members


How is this fair ?

I am my own person. I make my own decisions. I have chosen to work for Source

I am upset. Because they are missing the point

Who has to answer because of their family members? I am not different than they are? I am doomed to be crazy just because they are? Seems unfair

I do not have to answer to defend them. I will not defend anything they’ve done because I don’t know what they have done. Only they can attest to those actions.

Honestly. Why does it matter if they are Reptilians? Evil is evil

True … Many humans are evil

I work with all. I do not label. Labels have to be killed. Is an Irishman better than a German?

Labeling and judging as better than or less than based on a bloodline is pointless and has no use. That is our problem now on earth!

I say we drop the labels