GeeGee : I see five crosses in the distance And in the center is the lamb





Cross of Jerusalem
Richard the Lionheart
Habsburg family and House of Lorraine
And evidently that was the original coat of arms in 1000.
Mary Queen of Scots. Same bloodline
Crusaders and Jerusalem
Spreading the gospel
Now Catholics wear it (of course)



On the left is the city of David
A brick wall with a door in which to open
Looking straight ahead at first
Three birds fly away
High in the sky from the ground
My eyes follow and wonder

And then there were five
Five crosses sit in the city
Destruction and blood is in front of me and everywhere
Sadness and tears fill my eyes

The smell of stench and death
Boards and stones are scattered
Where the birds flew off
The smell of blood and guts

All is destroyed with smoke
Drifting in the air
A battle had just been won
As the three birds fly high into the sky on a cloudy day

Then I see I am covered in blood
Gooey blood it covers me
The city walls I didn’t notice before on the left
The door blends with destruction
Noticing a door to open near me

Am greeted
By those in the city
Know me by name
I see five crosses in the distance
And in the center is the lamb
Who was slain

This lamb rules the city
A gentle, meek one
That seems to be everywhere
All at one time
His presence is always felt

I walk the street within the interior walls
And all people greet me by name
We know each other and I’m at home
The beauty around me is amazing

Water fountains up in hills
Green grass and flowers and fruit
Not the smell of mold or death
But of fresh springs and new life growing

Again I notice five crosses
In the city, the crosses are a constant reminder
And wonder, shouldn’t there be three?
This is the Jerusalem Cross

The birds fly off on earth
Mercy and grace go along
Fear and chaos rules the world
Judgement and destruction

All is destroyed
But the walls of the city
Toward the Jerusalem cross
Inside is peace, joy and tranquility