ALEXANDRA : Am I the only one who remembers what Hatter / Richard put out on his blog in the last year especially ?




 Many others have been

Bringing out messages

About evil malware

That had been inserted

Into earth’s programming


Am I the only one who remembers what Hatter / Richard put out on his blog in the last year especially ?

This planet was hijacked by its present Controllers, namely Source. Its co-creator, Mother M was locked in it, while her counterpart was locked out – Prime Creator.

Does one take over a planet and lower its frequency to trap souls already present on it, for benevolent means. No.

Does one then create numerous nets to make sure that the trapped souls would never find a way to escape it, for benevolent means.. No.
Does one then deliberately insert evil malware into its programming to deliberately alter the original Intent of its Creators, for benevolent means. No.

Why is Prime Creator calling it a school, cause before it was hijacked, it was meant to be a school planet for the souls that chose it as their moving forward learning experience on their souls’ journeys.

Once Source took it over, he slowly, millennia after millennia, started poisoning this planet and its inhabitants. Poisoning its natural resources and its inhabitants consciousness, minds.

Not all succumbed to the patriarchal and materialistic programming being slowly but deliberately introduced and implemented on this planet. Some managed to stay true to their souls, though severely dumbed down. Those were almost always made sure by Source’s cronies, to endure lives of hardship and suffering.

Others chose different paths, going along with the system for various reasons of their own, many fully aware what they were choosing to become and join.

I understand there must have been many attempts from outside to free this planet from the evil that descended upon it, to no avail.

Every detail here has been thoroughly thought out by its Controllers, who, as we can now see from the uncovered evidence by many searchers on the net, were time travellers that could see into the future and alter it at their will, exchanging roles played out in earth’s supposed history. With earth’s re-incarnating inhabitants as mere pawns in their games through millennia.

What we are witnessing now, the complete breakdown of the system here must have been carefully orchestrated from within. Various beings of Light had to incarnate on this planet, go though its life cycles, to understand what was happening here – which is what Prime Creator also says in his message.

Because the hell hole that we have been living in here was never the original Intent of its Creators. It was deliberately brought on by earth’s Controllers after hijacking it.

Many others have been bringing out messages about evil malware that had been inserted into earth’s programming, that grew slowly at a steady pace until it literally destroyed this planet.

Why it is now beyond saving stage.

The latest one of those is Valiant in his message of end of December 2016 – how cunningly evil introduced itself to a natural, organic society, killing it slowly from the inside. And always destroying it in the end.

Exact same story to this planet’s one.

Sanat Kumara, as anyone can read on the net, has been here for millennia as the Ancient of Days, among his many incarnations.

For those that have done the research, you will know that there are no Ascended Masters, these have been manufactured by the Controllers of this planet.
The Sanandas, Christ Michael Atons, Lady Nadas, St. Germaines etc etc. They serve as a distortion, needed to carry out the Controllers’ agenda for the masses.

The Kumaras are Light beings that came to this planet to help save its inhabitants from being stuck here forever after Source took it over. This is also information that can be found on the net, if you really want to look for it, not only on Richard’s blog.

Prime Creator says that 20% will be graduating from earth. My understanding is that this percent will be those whose energy frequencies surpass that of the New Earth ones of 5D.

The rest, who originally came to this planet each with different soul frequency / vibration, will be staying on the New Earth, as M told us, which is a copy of this one without the evil and destruction to its nature, receiving healing and continuing on their souls’ journeys, paths of learning, further upwards as was the original Intent, in a frequency of love and freedom.

And not love as understood down here, mostly as a distorted physical experience, but as an experience of true happiness of the soul, and toward all that will exist on the New Earth.

We were also told that the CC, Collective Conscious, will be freely accessed by All on the New Earth. I understand it as being a true, unaltered Akashic records-like frequency which will register knowledge, wisdom, personal life stories on the New Earth. It will serve as a source of reference to all learning to understand / innerstand our new lives there.

So, before you go on ridiculing what the Prime Creator said in his latest message to Alexandra Meadors, please remember that we all came to this planet because its original Intent was so beguiling in experiences to be had, that it was worth our while to further our souls’ journey on it.

What became of this planet, after we lived on it for a while, has nothing to do with the original Creators’ plan and Intent for it.

Who in their right mind would ever want to willingly come / agree to live on a planet that was killing the very essence of your soul in all aspects of life on it ?? Nobody.

We are told now that this sector / universe will be destroyed, just like in Valiant’s recent posting about the inevitable end of a different planet elsewhere. because the extent of evil that has permeated its system is beyond repair.

This should be music to our ears, imho.

Link to Valiant’s reference: