This GOLDEN “D(R)agon” has a septenary meaning.

The “Self-born,” the Logos

He is the Son, which the Christian Gnostics called the Naasenian.

His symbol was the constellation of the D(R)agon.

Its seven “stars” are the seven stars held in the hand of the “Alpha and Omega” in Revelation.

In its most terrestrial meaning, the term “D(R)agon” was applied to the Wise man

Incarnated (as many others) he first appeared on earth as one of the seven powers of the Logos.

Individualized as a teacher then, mixed with matter, had re-appeared in turn as great sages and instructors who “taught the humans,” after having instructed the two preceding human races, had ruled during the Divine Dynasties, and had finally sacrificed himself, to be reborn under various circumstances for the good of mankind, and for its unfoldment at certain critical periods; until in the last incarnation to become truly only “the parts of a part” on earth, though de facto the One Supreme in Nature.

With the return of the CC … Becoming sufficiently spiritualised, there will be no more need of  correct comprehension of ancient Wisdom.

Humans will know then, that there never yet was a great World-reformer, whose name has passed into our incarnation, who (a) was not a direct emanation of the Logos (under whatever name known to us), i.e., an essential incarnation of one of “the seven,” of the “divine Spirit who is sevenfold”; and (b) who had not appeared before, during the great cycles … Being the same emanation of The Logos.

D(R)agon (dagon)

The aphorisms in the oldest books of China, say plainly that the “D(R)agon” is a human, albeit a cosmic Being.

Speaking … The chief of the others, the Twan-ying-t’u, says …

His wisdom and virtue are unfathomable . . . he does not go in company and does not live in herds (he is an ascetic). OM

He wanders in the wilds beyond the heavens. OM

He goes and comes, fulfilling the decree (of life) OM

At the proper seasons if there is perfection he comes forth, if not he remains (invisible). OM

The D(R)agon feeds in the pure water of Wisdom and moves in the clear waters of Life. OM

Sirius was called the dog-star.

It was the star of Buddha, consciousness called the great instructor of mankind, before other Buddhas.

To make the point clear once for all: that which the clergy of every dogmatic religion — pre-eminently the Christian — points out as the enemy of God, is in reality, the highest divine Spirit (Wisdom on Earth) — in its naturally antagonistic character to every worldly, evanescent illusion, dogmatic or ecclesiastical religions included.

Thus, the Latin Church, intolerant, bigoted and cruel to all who do not choose to be its slaves … the Church which calls itself the bride of CHRIST … paradoxically keeps the old “Law of Moses” which Christ openly repudiated.

Churches are fighting against divine Truth, when repudiating and slandering the D(R)agon of esoteric (because divine) Wisdom.

Whenever anathematizing the Gnostic Solar Chnouphis — the Agathodaemon — Christos, or the Serpent of Eternity, or even the Serpent of Genesis — Nature is … and will return to what it is.

What is … is.