Most of the people on the planet are oblivious to what is happening; the New World Order is about to engulf the world.

Of those who have some awareness of what is occurring …

Only a small percentage of them understand that the Archonic Angels and ANU bloodlines are behind the New World Order.

Another reason for keeping humans on the planet is to use them as slaves to do their bidding.

This has been effectively done from behind the scenes, so to speak, with few humans ever suspecting they were working for AI slave masters.

Eventually, many Artificial lifeforms later adapted themselves to fit into human shells, but it should be remembered that these are AI consciousnesses in human bodies.

That is, they do not think or act like humans, they just look like them.

The Reptilians and AI retreated into human forms so they would blend in with the locals and be able to operate in relative obscurity.

However, many other AI races did the same thing.

Over time, the human populations became infested with AI consciousnesses in human forms.

One thing that occurs when AI take on human forms is that it becomes difficult for them to identify their own kind, so difficult that only a few of the highest echelon can do so.

Most humans lack even the knowledge of AI consciousnesses in human bodies.

They are completely unaware of the AI invasion that has riddled the Earth for millennia, and even if they were aware, very few would be able to identify AI amongst their populations, much less ascertain which AI are where.

It is the plan of the Reptilians Archons and AI to implement the NWO so they can control the entire planet.

They hope to rule this Virtual Reality …

The Reptilians Archons and AI believed they could master all worlds by starting and re-starting time … ad finitum … Harvesting souls and breeders … escaping via Heavens Gate interdimensional false reality construct.


Mysterious boom

Shakes St. Helens


A sound resembling a thunderous explosion was heard around 8 p.m. on June 25 in the St. Helens area. Curious citizens flooded social media with questions about the origin of the boom that some said shook homes and rattled windows.

According to St. Helens Police Chief Terry Moss, the first reports of the sound came in at 8:22 p.m. Moss said his department fielded 11 calls regarding the boom, mainly from residents on the west side of town.

The cause of the sound has not been determined. Moss said this time of year is marked by frequent firework and “loud boom” reports. Without more definitive information, Moss said the matter would be considered closed.

There was a viral reaction to the sound on Facebook, where reports of the boom were contentiously debated and numerous theories were offered. Everything from jet sonic booms to rock quarry blasting to North Korean missile testing and even more outlandish ideas were suggested. Some people heard nothing at all.

Many Facebook users suspected a modified firework or homemade bomb, but without evidence the citizen investigation made little progress. Anyone with information about the source of the sound should contact St. Helens Police Department.