Everything’s being moved




Everything’s being moved

We are in total black … unknown area

University is actually universe cities … to learn

5D – 8D

All merit based

7 rays … crowns/buds … aspects of the whole

To be provided

We are a small part of a powerful whole

Its clean and protected

It protects nature fully

Self responsibility – self growth

There will be a collective council

Expression of a bigger bubble framework

All have the Freedom to express … and you can fly

Everything is interactive … translucent semi-crystal liquid … knowing

Each will express a unique world within blueprints created

Ideas and creativity will be put forward as advancement

Care and attention is known by the joy of creation within FAE landscapes

Architecture will be built on aliveness … and tone

Gardens will be based on the living heart beat

Trees healing flowers from life’s waters vibrations and musical inclinations

Vision is produced by following the movement of the moment

Houses can be transitional … bubbles of self contained energy systems

Shaped to anything that fits within circles … flower of life

Creativity is only limited to imagination

Branches end with the fruits of worlds produced and can be visited freely

Original intent … that never happened

We will have so much fun

Fitting in the details

All there … up and running

Hearts free and looked after by all

It’s all contained within my eye

Primordial creator provides


3 in 1