Valery Kondratov : Earth is an Aliens’ Quarry ! The Proof !



Earth is an Aliens’ Quarry! The Proof!

He is showing how earth is being looshed and killed
This Russian guy shows how land here has been excavated and the signs are there for those to see

Decimated earth planet
And he connects the dots worldwide….
I will tell you now.
It is said that on this planet there are no natural mountains and quarries.
Can you see this photo ?
It’s a gigantic quarry.
Though there are no obvious levels of it, you can see that this is a quarry.
Just trust your intuition.
Published on 1 Feb 2016

Incredible finding by the Russian scientist, who proves that our planet is an enormous quarry which doesn’t belong to humans. Somebody was mining earth for many thousand of years, reshaping the continents, creating mountains and sand deserts, re-directing the rivers and erecting volcanoes (the gigantic Spoil Tips). It looks like they still do it now at the bottom of the ocean, extracting gold and rare earth elements, growing mineral concretions in the salty water like we grow potatoes on a fields.
They use humans for some dirty works, like pumping out oil from the undergrounds, as it’s obstructing the access to the more valuable stuff. That’s why they force us to use oil as the main source of energy
This guy is a genius. His finding is dangerous and also exciting. The evidence is right in front of your eyes.
Play video on a big screen. Pause every now and then. Take very careful look and see for yourself.
Please also look at his channel for more videos (still waiting to be translated)

and try google-translate some of his articles

Valery Kondratov on VK:

His ideas are being developed by other people. I really recomend to google-translate this article. At list look at the pictures! It’s mind blowing: